By Sandra Rose  | 

For over a week now, Atlanta area residents have wondered aloud what kind of monster would cause a chain-reaction crash that killed 5 people, including 3 children, and leave the scene.

Wednesday morning SWAT teams surrounded a home in an upscale subdivision in southwest Atlanta and impounded the BMW they say was involved in the hit and run. No one was home at the time.

Early this morning, Fulton County police arrested Aimee Michaels, 22, and charged her with five counts of vehicular homicide, one count of failure to maintain lane and one count of serious injury by vehicle, hit and run.

Michaels, her mother, who is the principal of an elementary school, and her grandmother were taken into custody Wednesday evening after returning home. The two older women were questioned and released at 3:30 am. Michaels was arrested around 5:30 am and taken in handcuffs to the Fulton County jail after confessing to being the driver of the BMW that caused the hit and run crash.

Kudos to the Fulton County police and other local authorities for helping to take this menace off our streets. Her mother should also be in jail for harboring a fugitive from justice and concealing evidence.


  • thundercat

    I am so glad the Fulton Co PD did their jobs! This was awful. God bless the families.

  • avidreader

    Mother and grandmother should be arrested if they knew and didn't say anything!

  • keely107

    Yes, she evil. Go get her car fixed and move on with her life!!! Uggghhh.

  • 2bme

    Good luck with that! parents harbor their children everyday there is not one jury or judge that will allow prosecution of a parent. If it even went that far it would get overturned which is why you very seldom or at all hear of it happening. As for this menace over here, sorry as soon as I heard BMW and upper class subdivison I knew where this was's common(prejudice)knowledge that when a crime happens and the person is priviledge we automatically start thinking the worse about that person's moral character..yes she does deserve to be off the street and hit with whatever book they have in the courtroom..I just want to see how the press is going to spin this and how far they will feed into our prejusdices of the well off

  • GAGIRL73


  • aqtpie

    I just don't understand how she or anyone else that may have known about this slept at night. Thank GOD for the tipster!!

  • Sandra Rose

    @ 2bme: I wouldn't exactly call a subdivision with homes valued at 300K-350K "privileged". That's more like average middle class. This young lady caused an accident that took the lives of 5 people including 3 children. She then hired a mechanic to come to her home and fix her car so she could move on with her life. I don't care if she lived in the projects -- she is a sociopathic monster. I know you're quick to stand up for the underdog, but I can't ride with you on this one.

  • attorneymom

    I take it that more arrests will be forthcoming.

  • brwnsugga4you

    thanks sandra for posting the pic of this coward. i hope the police charge her mom/grandmother and any other family member that has been harboring her for 2 wks now. unbelievable!

  • luvly1957

    I can agree with Sandra on this one, and I heard the mecahnic that fixed the car is the one that turned her in but not until he got paid!!!! I think the mother should at least be reprimanded for not saying anything she killed FIVE PEOPLE and 3 of them were children. I t shows she had no remorse or conscious to let this gone on for 2 weeks and do nothing. Life in prison and some kind of large restitution that the mother and grandmother should pay.

  • Shauny

    The mechanic is just as horrible. He fixed the damn car so I hope they still get him too. I'm sure he knew what the car was involved in but waited until after being paid to report it, that's classless.

    Moma and grandma needs to get some time. This is a entire family wiped out and you sit on the fact that you know who did it and say NOTHING, I just couldn't do that. She should've talked to her pastor (if she had one) and immediately turned herself in. The fact that she didn't shows the she went well beyond panic to just not giving a damn. I would be SICK if I knew I killed anyone.

  • Bird

    I don't know if I'd call her evil. It was an accident. Her actions after the accident were terrible and if she was drunk she is truly an a$$hole, but the bottom line is it was an accident.

  • brwnsugga4you

    accidents do happen all the time...but, leaving the scene is the crime that took place IS NOT AN ACCIDENT IN MY EYES...not, only did she leave..she left for 2 wks!!! she doesn't deserve any sympathy at all!

  • Bird

    Shauny Says:

    I would be SICK if I knew I killed anyone.

    No doubt. But would you volunteer to go to prison? I'm not sure why people are so shocked by this. She was either drunk or scared out of her mind and probably both. How many of us have had a few drinks and driven home? This could have happened to any of us and we don't know how we would respond to the prospect of prison time.

  • KaraZ

    Thank you Sandra! She's not well off living in that subdivision, it's over priced pre-fab like most Atlanta home. So there should be no prejudices against her because of "class." The press doesn't have to spin much, she gave them the story.

    @Bird it no longer was just an accident after she fled the scene and attempted to cover up what she did.

  • iscream

    Deep down apart of me wants to believe this was eating her up inside. I can see her running from the scene of the crime because of the situation; your body automatically reacts... fight or flight.


    Once your adrineline dies down and your mind catches up to your body... once she woke up the next day and saw the news. Was it fear that kept her from turning herself in or her family.

    If I was her I would be happy its over. I could never live with myself knowing that I took so many lives.

  • brwnsugga4you

    i'm sure if anybody went to the funeral this past sat..and just saw one urn...on the pulpit with pictures surrounding the family members your thought process would be different.

  • Shauny

    I hope to never be in a situation like this one BUT if I did and I left the scene of an accident, like I said in my post, I would talk to my pastor and call my immediate family and let them know what was going on, say my goodbyes and turn myself in.

    I would rather turn myself in than have SWAT kicking down my door at 3am. They are going to catch you. We don't know if she was drunk driving or not since this was 2 weeks ago. She could've just as easily been talking or texting and that could be the reason for the accident.

    Her decisions AFTER the accident is what makes her evil so I also agree that she's evil. She saw it on the news, she knew she took 5 lives, 3 of them kids. I don't know how someone with any kind of a heart wouldn't come forward after that. That's just my opinion.

  • Daisy

    @Brwn my thought process would not be any different. I feel sorry for the loss of life and I feel justice needs to be served but I as usual I will not crucify the suspect. I pray she has asked for forgivness from the man upstairs and in the future will ask the victims families to forgive her as well. She made a terrible mistake/choice by leaving the scene of the crime.

    @Ice I agree I hope this was eating her up inside it had to be if she had any kind of heart. This is just sad all the way around.

    I will pray for both the victims families and the suspect.

  • brwnsugga4you

    daisy that is you.....and that's your choice.

  • Bird

    I was only saying I wouldn't call the girl evil. She's wrong. She's criminally and morally wrong. The tragic loss of so many lives is squarely on her shoulders. But evil? Now if I hear reports that she was totally normal afterward and the deaths didn't effect her in the least bit, then maybe I could say she is a horrible person. But I'm not ready to take that leap just yet. She is not a malicious murderer that we know of. Regardless of her actions after the fact, the deaths were an accident. And we can judge her all we want, but until we've been in that position we don't know how we would respond. She is not the first hit and run driver so obviously fleeing is in our arsenal of human instincts and it could happen to any one of us. That's all I'm saying.

  • ckarinwhite

    ...My mom knew Delicia Carter, the woman who died in the car accident...

    Ms. Michael's is a principal at an elementary school?!?...and she helped her daughter cover up the accident..SMH..I hope there will be charges against her...Is this the type of role model that we have for children?

  • spongebobfan

    Wasnt it an accident? was she drunk? while she should not have left the scene, whick made everything worse (im guessing she panicked) wasnt this a tragic ACCIDENT? not a calculated attack on this poor family?? in any event justice will be served she will go to jail,..... sad for all parties involved, the 5 people killed, this 22yo women whose life is also over.....

  • iscream

    I keep hearing was she drunk? It was a sunday morning/afternoon. They were on their way home from church on Ester.

    I would hope @ 22 she wasn't drunk to the point of not being to drive. Life couldn't have been that bad.

  • licia

    i'm ticked that family didnt turn her in . why didn't they convince her to turn herself in ? i can understand them wanting to protect her , but when 5 people die and u run that sort of changes the game.

  • h0tsauce

    WAS SHE DRUNK!?!?!?! How did the accident happen??

  • brwnsugga4you

    Aimee Michael's mom is a principal at: Northwood Elementary in Fulton County, Roswell....wonder has she been going to work everyday and eating lunch with co-workers.

  • rhiannon

    Alot of people are saying maybe she was drunk. Even if she was, she could have gone home let it wear off and then turned herself in. Accidents happen!! Whether she was intoxicated or not, she was not going to turn herself in. I think this why Sandra calls her evil. Everything that happened after this accident was evil. I'm sure she didn't set out to kill an entire family. It makes me wonder if this young lady has ever had to be accountable for any of her actions. Her mother acted too quickly to cover this up so obviously there was not intent to take responsibility. I want to hear the details or if she has any prior incidents.

  • Ilovepink1981

    If she was drunk, I hope all the families get together and go to schools and talk on the effect of drunk driving. One night of fun(or whatever)destroyed 3 families

  • iscream

    New Topic Please.

  • attorneymom

    The moma and the mechanic are accessories after the fact. They both aided and abetted in covering up Missy's involvement. I give Grandma a pass.

  • attorneymom

    The moma and mechanic are accessories after the fact. They both aided and abetted in covering up Missy’s involvement. I give Grandma a pass.

  • Daisy

    @Bird ^5 that is what I was trying to say. Nobody is trying to take away from the fact that 5 ppl died and that this is a tragic situation. If it turns out she didn't or doesn't show any remorse then that will change my opinion.

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. "God will not forgive you unless you forgive others." Don't let someone hold YOUR key to heaven. Peace. (God give me strength to forgive if I ever have such a loss.)

    I kinda feel sorry for this young woman. Who intentionally kills 5 people while driving? I'm just saying......

  • PAHairston

    One last thought. They need much, much stiffer DUI laws and while they're at it, legalize weed!

  • Anna

    PAHairston Says:

    One last thought. They need much, much stiffer DUI laws and while they’re at it, legalize weed!

    I guess it depends on where you live. This guy wiped out a family of 5 in a wrong way highway accident in Ohio. I think he was 24. He got 40 yrs. This women left the scene, she should get more time.


    The whole family needs to move ASAP!

  • Daisy



    Sandra said, "Kudos to the Fulton County police..."
    Whateva, if it wasn't for that neightbor to tip off Fulton County Police who knows where this case would be right now, so I say kudos to her/him or them. But I'm glad you're finally exposing the pic of the person who caused this crime. Such sad story on both ends.

  • 2bme

    uh Sandra re read what I wrote. I called her a menace and stated she needed every book thrown at her. I was merely stating that when you talk about someones cars and where they live, society automatically judges the person PERIOD. I don't know the areas in Atlanta but it did sound as if it was an affulent community based on what I read. The first thing that came to my mind when I read that was spoiled brat, silver spoon, thought you were above the law and now you got, got! I'm just simply stating we automatically prejudge based on description instead of hearing the whole story. I am NOT in her corner

  • brwnsugga4you

    NY ~ AGREED!

  • SunnyPA

    At first I wasn't going to comment on this post...but after reading some of the comments ... some of you are scaring me.

    I have no doubt in my mind that if I or my daughter caused an accident like that ... we would have stopped. Hell, my daughter hit a stray cat and took it to the vet.

    Furthermore, if my daughter hadn't stopped...once she got home, I would have gotten the best lawyer possible and went with her to turn herself in.

    I believe in foregiveness. But, I also believe a GOD-loving person would NOT have sat around 2 weeks and stepped up to the plate only after they were caught.

  • Daisy

    @Sunny we must serve a different God. I love God and I still sin and make mistakes.

  • SunnyPA

    Daisy, why do you say that? And, based on your comments, I think you would have stopped as well.

    I never said I wasn't a sinner.

    Besides, there is only one GOD ... just different religions.

  • SunnyPA

    I'm totally confused by your comment (#43), but don't have time to figure it out.

    The accident and aftermath is a sad situation all the way around period

  • Bird

    SunnyPA Says:

    I believe in foregiveness. But, I also believe a GOD-loving person would NOT have sat around 2 weeks and stepped up to the plate only after they were caught.

    Why because God-loving people are perfect? They never do anything wrong? When they do wrong that means they are not God-loving? Well I have an announcement to make. There is not one God-loving person walking this earth. Look at your own life. You don't have to tell us anything, but I can state unequivically that you have screwed up ROYALLY. You have hurt people and you have done low down dirt. EVERYONE HAS. Are YOU evil?

  • aqtpie

    Wow!!! I can hardly fanthom what kind of parent would help their child cover up accidental murders.

  • SunnyPA


  • SunnyPA

    It has been stated repeatedly ... it's not the accident, but what she did afterwards!!!!!


  • Seattle Slim

    I can say without QUESTION that I would turn myself in. If I even went home, it would be to hold and kiss my babies, my family, and turn myself in. I don't even think I would get that far because I would've tried to help the people hurt. I just cannot understand the coldness behind running. I cannot understand the selfishness knowing that children died a horrible death.

    I hope they roast her. Not for the accident, but for not having a moral compass. B%^&*

  • Seattle Slim


    I feel you but this isn't a Christian argument alone. If you were Buddhist, Muslim, Shinto, Hindi, Wiccan, whatever...She would be wrong for running.

    I've learned as a Christian, that I am not supposed to be without sin, that's impossible. We are born into sin. It is something we inherit. What is important is what you do after you sin. What you learn.

    You or I could've made that mistake. I admit that. The true test was whether or not she had enough integrity and character; moral compass to try to help the family (as others tried) or to stop. This is why she's being roasted.


    Initially, it was an accident BUT once the chick left the scene, drove home(not sure how cause I would've been too shaken to drive), called her mom, boyfriend etc.. They got her the # to the dude who is a mechanic that makes house calls, gets the car fixed then continues with life.. That seems like a plan to get away with murder to me..

  • Seattle Slim


    They just had an accident I think in PA where the dude was high as a kite and crashed into a house (driving too fast) and cooked himself. Luckily the family was uninjured.

    Several years ago, I saw on Oprah that a lady was killed when she was rear-ended at a high speed by a driver high on marijuana.

    Marijuana isn't that much safer.


    Seattle- I agree!

  • SunnyPA

    Thank you Seattle (#51) for putting that so nicely. That's what I was trying to say.

  • Daisy

    I believe in foregiveness. But, I also believe a GOD-loving person would NOT have sat around 2 weeks and stepped up to the plate only after they were caught.

    That is why I said what I said Sunny.

    I said before she made a bad choice/MISTAKE by leaving the scene of the crime that still does not automatically make her pure EVIL in my book. If she does NOT show any remorse I will revisit her character.

  • Seattle Slim

    *sigh* I wish we could bring them back. I read this story when I was having a crappy week, and I reminded myself that at least I have my babies to hold. I cannot imagine me and my family being wiped out much less my 6 year old child, like the one lady. God would have to put a lot of overtime in on me or I would just go stark raving mad.



    Fulton County police said Thursday that Michael was apparently on an errand to pick up cake and ice cream for her mother when she allegedly hit a Mercedes-Benz, starting a chain reaction wreck that ended with the Mercedes hitting another car head-on. Michael was picked up for questioning Wednesday night and was arrested and charged early Thursday.

    “We had received many, many tips from various different ways, and we’ve been trying to follow up with all of them,” Fulton County police detective Melissa Parker said at a 10 a.m. press conference. “I’m not sure how this particular tip came in, but I’m told it was an anonymous tip.

    “The women that were brought here were Aimee Michael, her mother and her grandmother. I’m told that her mother had sent her on Easter out for some cake and ice cream,” Parker said. “En route is when the collision occurred. She turned around, she went back home and she put the vehicle in the garage. Did not tell her mother. She told her mother that she did not feel well, had a headache, and went to her room. It is not normal for the mother or the grandmother to ever enter or exit the house through the garage.”


    Parker said Michael “didn’t tell her family for a couple of days what had happened, and finally, she broke down and told her mother what had happened. To my knowledge, the rest of the family did not know for two days. After that, I’m told, they were aware.”

    Parker said she did not know why the family didn’t come forward before police caught up with them on Wednesday.

    Asked if other family members might face charges, Parker said, “right now, it’s going to be up to the D.A.’s office what the additional charges may be. It’s a possibility” that they could face charges.

    Parker would not release any details on the repairs that had been made to the BMW or who made those repairs, saying that that information was a part of the ongoing investigation.

    Michael was led handcuffed from the Fulton County police major crimes unit off Fulton Industrial Boulevard, where she was being questioned, around 5:15 a.m. Police had been questioning Michael and the two other women in an investigation of the April 12 hit-and-run wreck after they found the BMW they believe was involved in the crash.

    An anonymous tip led police Wednesday to a home in the 3900 block of Ailey Avenue in south Fulton County, where the BMW was parked in the driveway. They later searched the home and confiscated the vehicle.

  • ReadTheBlog

    FUBAR on so many levels....

  • rochele08

    this is a very sad story. i feel for both sides because 5 lives were taken away and there is nothing that can be done to bring them back. my heart goes out to the families. however, i must comment on this young lady, who in some kind of way caused all this. i'm sorry to say but i feel her actions AFTER THE ACCIDENT were evil. she maliciously tried to cover her trail by hiring a mechanic to repair her car at her her garage. if it wasn't for who ever that turned her in, she probably would be carrying on with life just like she has been for the past 2 wks if it hadn't been for whoever turned her in.
    now i know she was probably scared out of her mind. but to sit around for 2 wks and not say anything, and cover up, and act as if things are ok, just leads me to think she had no intentions on being held responsible for this tragedy. once again my heart goes out to all involved. but i'm sorry to say that this young lady made a huge mistake..and her actions will cause a lot of people to see her as evil.

  • rochele08

    excuse the typos

  • Toi

    While reading all the posts, it came to mind that maybe her mother/grandmother didn't know. . . Post #58 suggests that. I can't fathom a Mother not going to the authorities after finding out their child was involved in an accident that resulted in a fatality. Several fatalities. The real question for me is, what was this girl's means of transportation for 2 weeks while her car sat in the garage? Did she only drive the car when her family had left the house? What were her comments when she and her family discussed the accident after hearing about it for the last 2 weeks - cause I'm sure it came up?

  • attorneymom

    The family knew for two days??? WT___? Please tell Ms. Shelia Michael and Mr. Mechanic to not make any further statements without immunity and retain an attorney. The story is getting worst by the minute. Jesus, please take the wheel.

  • Toi

    Forget everything I wrote, I just read #59. Now I'm pissed.

  • Shauny

    @Seattle Slim #50 and 50 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>here<<<<<<<<<<<<<< with you.

  • Anna

    It reads that she parked the car in the garage and did not tell anyone for two days. She is only 22 and living with her parents/mom. I don't care how old they are living in your house you are going to have some kimd of contact with them even if it's to check and see if they are ok because they have been in their room for two days. A mother knows when something is wrong with their child through body language.

  • attorneymom

    Okay. I am revoking Grandma's pass. She and her daughter, Shelia Michael, who is the mother of Aimee Michael, knew about the crash for almost two weeks. I done.

  • SunnyPA

    I wonder if Michaels was talking on a cellphone or texting at the time of the accident.

  • attorneymom

    Sorry, I meant to write "I am done".

  • wiggy2272003

    Very well spoken seattle slim

  • flyqtnva

    I wish she would have just turned herself in the next was an accident after all...what was she thinking???

  • Smokie

    I would like to think that I'd turn myself in if I did something like this, but who knows what you'll really do in that situation. It's easy to say what you'd do when you haven't even come close to killing 5 people.

  • WeezysBaby

    Sandra get the facts right see how we will give people a new promotion without even them knowing? And then someone else put on here a school in Roswell which was not true at all either. My people will take some news any news and run with it.

    "Michael’s attorney, W. Scott Smith, said she grew up in a military family and that her father is currently working as a contractor for Northrop Grumman Corp. in Saudi Arabia. Her mother, Sheila Michael, teaches at Cascade Elementary School, the lawyer said. Michael also has a sister."

  • brwnsugga4you

    i had the wrong school up, my bad!

  • SunnyPA

    It's comments like #73 that scare me.

    You don't have to be a saint to know that the right thing to do is stop to help and/or turn yourself in.

    To say that you don't know what you'd do if faced with that situation is scary. It's not like you've killed someone to defend your family. It's not a hit-and-run fender bender.

    She didn't stop to see if they were all right ... then to find out they are dead, she tried to cover it up with help from her family. That's unconsciencable (sp).

  • Bird

    Now that more of the details are coming out this is getting more and more sad. If she was not intoxicated when the accident occurred there was every possibility she would have gotten a hefty ticket at the most. I understand her being afraid and traumatized, anyone would, but why run? What was she running from?

  • pointhimout

    well, im sure i wont say anything that hasn't been said in 77 posts. i'm sure she did pray to God, just like those families prayed to God that the person would come forward.

    2 weeks, go on with ur life, mechanic comes to ur crib to fix the car that's been painted all over the news. mom and nana didn't turn you in???? horrible story.

    i guess we can all say what should happen to the others, but the culprit has been caught and that'll have to do I guess. what would have been empathy for her had she turned herself in, or NOT LEAVE THE SCENE, quickly turned into outrage and anger.

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    Good post Sandra. Miss Delisia! Here in Canada, they are calling this young woman the "Easter Killer." What a shame they could not get an alchohol breath test. Did she get bail?

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    Her mother and Grandma all should have been locked up too like you said. A principal of an elementary school. Did she ever think that Kayla and the girl in the other car may have been in her school as students?

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    R.I.P to all.. They have risen. I want to go on Easter Sunday when I grow old!!