I knew this would happen, and I knew Fox News would be the network to take a brave stand against Messiah Barack Obama.

The networks have been fuming at Obama’s frequent scheduling interruptions which end up costing the networks millions in lost revenue.

This is the first time a major news network has refused a presidential request to pre-empt airtime since Obama was elected.

The Fox network is sticking with its regular schedule over President Barack Obama this week.

The network is turning down the president’s request to show his prime-time news conference on Wednesday. The news conference marks Obama’s 100th day in office. Instead of the president, Fox viewers will see an episode of the Tim Roth drama “Lie to Me.”

It’s the first time a broadcast network has refused Obama’s request. This will be the third prime-time news conference in Obama’s presidency. ABC, CBS and NBC are airing it. [LINK]