“Kung Fu” and “Kill Bill” star David Carradine, 72, was found dead earlier today in a Bangkok, Thailand hotel room. Carradine was originally thought to have committed suicide.

But according to a Bangkok newspaper, Carradine’s death may be the accidental result of a kinky sex game called erotic asphyxiation which involves temporarily cutting off oxygen to the brain to heighten sexual arousal.

On Thursday, a hotel maid found the star dead in a closet when she opened his suite at around 10 a.m. local time. There were no visible signs of a struggle but reports are now emerging that the actor may have died as a result of a sex-game.

Meanwhile, Thai police have taken back their position that Carradine likely died as a result of a suicide. According to the Bangkok Post, the actor was found naked, curled up inside the wardrobe with one end of a shoelace tied around his penis and the other end fastened around his neck.

Both of his hands were bound with a cord which was also tied around his neck, an unnamed police officer told the newspaper. It is believed Carradine died some 12 to 24 hours before he was found by the hotel maid.

Forensic experts have also reportedly found a footprint on the bed which did not match the shoes worn by the actor. There was also a glass of water in the room and experts are checking to see if the drink had been tampered with.

Official information surrounding his death remains sketchy at this time. [link]