In an earlier post I confused Shingai Shoniwa, lead singer of London's Indie group the Noisettes, for a black Asian due to her name. A few readers emailed me to say Shingai is actually of Zimbabwean descent. At the time I meant to search YouTube for the group's music but I forgot.

Thanks to Universal Music's JD Anderson for sending this video link of the Noisettes new hit "Never Forget You." The Noisettes' music reminds me of the Motown sound of the 1960s, but updated! How exciting that good music and great singers are making a comeback -- and the British are leading the way!

Hopefully radio will play the Noisettes so today's kids can begin to develop an appreciation for real music.

Here's what JD had to say about the Noisettes:

Hey Sandra,

You SIMPLY MUST check out this group the Noisettes from the UK in London. Their sound is soooo unique and the look of the group is very appealing. Lead singer - Shingai Shoniwa has an incredible look and style to her as well.

The current single is "Never Forget You" and their album comes out on September 22nd. The single "Never Forget You" also lands on iTunes July 7th.

  • spongebobfan

    and the British are leading the way!

  • dblaq

    Damn they just now dropping??? They did a private performance at Universal like 3 years ago

  • Charles


  • chocolatedrop

    i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the noisettes! yay sandra for gettin on board!