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According to Drew Reports, Akon has accepted his financial responsibilities for his son born to a sister of Ugandan fashion designer Sylvie Owori.

The mother, Susan Owori, whom Akon knocked up while on tour last year, apparently couldn't get in contact with the Senegalese singer to serve him with papers. So she did what any other self-respecting groupie who happened to get herself pregnant by a Superstar would do -- she sold her story to a tabloid.

“I think kids are a blessing,” said the currently married sex symbol. “[To set the record straight], I never ran away from my responsibilities and I never plan to. Everything I am doing now is for [my other five kids] anyway, so the more kids I can have, the better. I just love them.”

Beaming with pride, Akon said, "It’s a boy and he’s handsome as hell."

  • Krysi J

    Good shot Akon, kill 'em wit kindness. If people want to live their lives selfishly and bare children just to get paid...hell give 'em the money if you have it to spare, obviously they're in DESPERATE need of it.

  • yvonne79

    Some people really take "be fruitful and multiply" to a whole 'nother level.....

  • LadyJustice

    good for him. wow @ that picture. is that the underage girl that he got in trouble for?

  • KaraZ

    yvonne79 Says:

    Some people really take “be fruitful and multiply” to a whole ‘nother level…..

    Pretty much


    yeah, hes a dead beat. it took him too long to start dishing out the cash. when someone has to make you pay...youre a deadbeat

  • Anna

    LadyJustice Says:

    good for him. wow @ that picture. is that the underage girl that he got in trouble for?

    That would be her, but her hair is as bouncy has her fast tailed self. LOL.

  • Daisy

    @Page maybe he wanted to make sure the baby was his :shrug: I see him with his other sons all the time.

  • ELove

    That's not a GIRL... That's A SLUT (Mentality-n-Actions)

  • Mika79

    He sounds so proud!?!?!

  • KaraZ

    @Pages, he's not a deadbeat, apparently that Susan chick was dating and I believe living with some guy in London when she told Akon she was pregnant. If I were Akon, I'd be a little wary too until the child arrived and I could safely establish paternity. I'm pretty sure that child was born within the past few weeks, so it didn't take him long at all to accept responsibility.

  • attorneymom

    I hate Akon Convict music. What is so entertaining or sexy about sounding like a chipmunk or munchkins??

  • Mika79

    "Noohbaahdee waahnaa zee us doogederr, noo it dohnt maatter noooh...cuz I gaht ewe baabe!"

  • Kat


  • Krysi J

    wHO THE HELL pays child support for an UNBORN baby anyway....thats stupid it ain like ol' gurl would refund the money had the DNA test turned out negative. She has no responsibility pregnant just an obligation to hit the dr's office and if she doesn't have the money to pay for THAT than thats her DAMN problem not Akon's. Men don't get the right to tell a woman to have an abortion if they do not want to be responsible for a child so if she took it upon herself to go through 9 months of aggrevation just to get some money she could AT LEAST pay 9 months worth of Dr's bills, since Akon will be paying child support for 18 and a HALF whole years!