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Loyal reader Janice writes:

In his State of the Union Address in January 2003, Bush outlined a five-year strategy for global emergency AIDS relief, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. Bush announced $15 billion for this effort. This plan went unnoticed because most of the funding went to Africa. (The Dutch and the British own way more real-estate there than America) this was almost double throughout his term.

This is his first term lets remember. No one, not Obama (who has close ties there and cant even get his own aunt a green card), Michael Jackson, or any other president (that includes that weak ass apology Clinton gave in '97 for slavery) has gone to task and followed through on any type of aid to the Extent Bush has.

Give the man that. Dont be so hard that you cant tell a person "good job." I say good job for Obama winning the election, I think he been walking into walls every since, but at least I have the common sense to acknowledge the fact that it is historical and a great accomplishment on his part.

One thing that I can say about Bush that I can't say for Obama is the fact that everything he said he was going to do he did it. I'm talking about from Governor of Texas to beyond. Looking back on Obama, I cant say the same thing.

  • flyqtnva

    Maybe because his grandfather in his friend are responsible fot it...thats y...bush and his family dont care about black people or AIDS...they do that to look good..cause guess what...if they wanted to cure it they would...if they wanted to end hunger they could...but some one always has to be poor,,,,and someone always has to be sick...not to mention the fact that he is hiding some serious info on 911

  • KaraZ

    Sandra you're trying to get my blood pressure up, but nope it's not going to happen today. Bush didn't do shiat for Africa, but exploited his own interests, and throw some money at the continent, that he knows (& allowed) went into some president & his cronies personal bank account.

    Janice needs to stop listening to sound bytes and get in touch with reality, Bush helped himself to the spoils of Africa, he didn't help it.

  • flyqtnva

    and i wanna see some reicipts to..because BUSH was known for "AWARDING" money to companies that anit DO SH@T..with it..billions disappeared while this man was in office...

  • Daisy

    Sandra does Janice not know how to read I know I said in the other post that Bush THREW money at Africa does he deserve props for that hell NO! He could have given resources to help the ppl in the Sudan but they dont have anything he wants so no need in helping them. If that money goes to African govt the ppl may NEVER see any of that money or resources anyway.

    I give Bush props for doing whatever the hell he wanted to do and not giving a damn who liked it or not! How bout that!

  • Daisy

    One thing that I can say about Bush that I can’t say for Obama is the fact that everything he said he was going to do he did it. I’m talking about from Governor of Texas to beyond. Looking back on Obama, I cant say the same thing.


    Regarding that smart azz comment Senator Obama said he would be the next President and guess what his azz went on to become the NEXT President of the good ole US OF A! So yeah I believe thats a GREAT way to show ppl you plan on doing what you say :-)

  • Charles

    @1 @2

    Wow you 2 girls couldn't be further from the truth before you speak or write and spew ignroance and hate you might wanna get yur facts straight

    Black people always hop on fucking band wagons with no facts whatsoever and always wanna spew hate and ignorance despite not knowing shit that's going on. This is why my race is OTHER

  • SunnyPA

    George W. Bush did do more for Africa than any other president (not saying much), I just wanted to see more in terms of military aid.

    Although Obama has been in office only a short time ... judging from his speech ... don't look for him to help Africa.

    And Janice is right about Obama's lying. If you didn't like what Bush proposed, he'd say "screw you" and do it anyway. At least with Bush you knew where you stood. Obama says he going to do one thing to appease the public, then does another.

    How about that phony GM bankruptcy after the public screamed not to bail them out?!?!?

  • Charles


    Im so happy for black women like you who actually read and educate themselves, the sandra rose commenters really used to be such a stimulating intellectual group

  • Peachizz

    Bush THREW money at Africa... Janice are you HAPPY NOW?
    This is water under the bridge...

  • anti-PC

    Great letter.

    As far as MJ goes, he is in the Guiness Book of records for being the pop star that has raised the most money for charity ever.

    Bush did indeed do a lot for Africa. But since Kanye said Bush doesn't like black people, I guess everyone takes that as law like sheeple generally do.

  • Charles


    Wrong oprah surpassed him.. Once again spewing incorrect information

  • goat76

    Bush, are ya'll serious.....

  • Charles


    Yes you mad?

  • anti-PC


    You are such a fool.....

    Is Oprah a pop star?

    No? She's not?

    Reading comprehension goes along way.

  • Peachizz

    Just as Oprah surpassed MJ.. Can we allow Obama to surpass Bush?.... Good Lord!!!!

  • goat76

    Chuckie what give you the impression that I'm mad...

  • Daisy

    @goat must have been the same thing that gave him the impression that only HE knows FACTS and can form their OWN opinion :shrug:

    @Sunny I know where Obama stands on ALL issues that concern me sorry you can't say the same!

  • Charles


    Girl blewp proof??


    This place used to be on and popping now a days this place is boring

  • wiggy2272003

    Charles gotta agree it has been boring roun here lately

  • goat76

    @chuckster....your right about tends to get tired of the same ole lies, The constant swanging from Obama's nuts sac, and The Obama bashing....that sh1t gets old quick......


    One thing that I can say about Bush that I can’t say for Obama is the fact that everything he said he was going to do he did it. I’m talking about from Governor of Texas to beyond. Looking back on Obama, I cant say the same thing.


  • jamil2008

    While the article is heartfelt and mostly true, please don't ever forget--George Bush used the government's money to fund those efforts, Micheal used his own. And believe me baby, George has a heck of a lot more money than all the Jackson's put together and then some. You think for one minute he reached into his own oil-slicked pockets and gave directly to the cause? Negro please!! I'm sorry I know I should be proud of every handout "boss" gives us but I cant jump in that coon wagon.

  • Charles

    @19 @20

    The old clique(if u will) used to have this place moving and grooving I got 0 work done lol cuz I was on here arguing and dragging... the morale here has gone down and I wanna bring it back up!

  • Daisy

    @jamil :clap:

  • wiggy2272003

    at COA or any body whos' interested there is a certain heavyset gay blogger who has photos Of MJs legs showing an infection. It mos def looks like necrosis (my mom had lupus had same infection was in hospital for amputation but died from lung embolism) but more interesting to me his skin. I grew up knowing two people with moderate to severe vitilago. this most def looks like it too me. I always believed him about that anyway.

  • Lala11_7

    This is a are all of this blogs commentataries concerning politics...

    Bush did nothing more in Africa except give his FRIENDS billions of dollars to do projects where NOTHING WAS DONE!!!

    Obama is not jumping out on the bandwagon regarding Africa because he knows that Africa needs to get their act together before he starts funding projects where the monies go into corrupt politicians and warlord pockets and not the people...

    You know what Bush had that I WISH that Obama had...a party that rubber stamped EVERYTHING he did...instead Obama have to deal with a bunch of punk azz weaklings who would sell their Mama to the highest bidder and also have to deal with hateful bloggers who SHOULD be using their wit on reporting ENTERTAINMENT news aimed at African Americans and yet INSIST on pushing their own insipid right wing agenda...

    When I see what the Right and psuedo Left have to throw out as "accomplishments" I get the type of laugh on that reminds me of when I first saw Eddie Murphy and "Raw"...


  • akiey

    FACT: Janice does NOT exist, never did. She is just a creation of some imagination meant to come around and resurrect stories that were shot down earlier in the day. Numbers don't lie, lol!

  • starr

    Lots of people have thrown money at africa. He's just one of em. And with all the money thats been given to africa, what difference has it made.

    You can't put a bandaid on broken leg. Anybody can give money. It takes alot more than money to heal africa.

  • flyqtnva ignorant son of a _____________

    No hon its people like you how cant see the trees for the forest. The Bush family is one of the richest on the face of the earth so honestly HE COULD DO A LOT I stated HOW MUCH OF THE $..WENT TO HELPING PEOPLE WITH AIDS..and how much was JUST AWARDED to a company that SAID they would help. Thats 2 totally different things. You talk of intellect but you can barely form a sentence of substance w/o disrespecting someone. Your a BEGGAR :banned: had to beg your way back on here...poor baby...u must have no thing is for sure if I'M EVER BANNED..i wont be writing a BOOK to get put back on....if our comments are so senseless y bring you ignorant a@@ back. And HELL yes I stooped to your LEVEL today. YOU & JANICE show me some paperwork were this $ hit the streets and directly benefited people of AIDS...oh thats right it was gonna TRICKLE DOWN to the people RIGHT? I dont drink the BUSH KOOLAID or OBAMA's I said it before ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE IN BED TOGETHER!! and your ignorant if you cant see it...dont get mad at me...RESEARCH..the same sh@t happens OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER one changes ANYTHING!

  • flyqtnva

    I know what will bring MORALE up>>>>>if sandra BAN you KOOL AID SIPPIN a@@....bush said aleins are taking of from crawford tonight..they will be taking you back where you came from..a place where you will walk on the backs of the poor...a place were you can SIN to your hearts desire...a place on for the ELITE..and guess what Bush will be seated to the right and Obama will be seated on the left...cause after all they are ALL you need a ride?

  • iscream

    @ Charles.

    I'm trying to understand your comment.


    Since people aren't on here aruging, fighting and/or acting catty. The morale has down? I guess Sandra wanted her site to be more mature which is why she did the sweep.

    If I was you

    I would watch my step.

  • flyqtnva

    Bush did nothing more in Africa except give his FRIENDS billions of dollars to do projects where NOTHING WAS DONE!!!

    thanks LALA11_7

  • wiggy2272003

    Ice I thought Charles comment was more about the subject matter not the comments but I could be wrong.

  • Charles


    Show me some proof otherwise, we funnel BILLIONS to africa every year. And if the bush family is so rich where are they on forbes magazine???

    This is your Liberal bias and the bias of the liberal media, no I won't sit here and say bush was the best but that's way too subjective.... to sit here and say bush doesn't like black people then why the hell did he hire condelezza rice???? That's one huge example.

    also as far as the essays u claim I wrote, I didn't write anything it was a fellow loyal reader who petitioned for me, once again you spew ignorance and lies without any facts or knowledge


    How long u been here?? U been here a minute people argued from time to time but people were far more involved than they are now that's what made this community unique imo.... and sweep?? 3/4 of the people who were banned are back and don't post because people will run and cry to sandra if they have opinions that differ.. Gimme a break


    The morale has gone down its a fact.. The obama posts are.. Opinion this isn't cnn if u don't like sandras biased opinion on obama don't read it... wow

  • KaraZ

    Charles really drink a big azz cup of STFU. Where are you getting your facts from? Bush didn't do anything for Africa except encourage the legacy of corruption & bribery, Halliburton/KBR anyone? AFRICOM? That's just in my region of Africa, where Bush's misdeeds are well documented and the corrupt leaders are busy flaunting their ill gotten, additionally Bush funded wealth.

  • Charles


    Where'd u read this at? Www. iamaliberal .com ??

  • Daisy

    @Charles Nobody ran to sandra and asked for you or anybody else to be banned she did that all on her own so much for you being a stickler for FACTS :wink:

    Does that mean you read iamconservative . com? It goes both ways. I wish we could get past terms such as left, right, liberal/consertative they get us nowhere as a nation *sighs*

  • Peachizz

    @26 La La
    hateful bloggers who SHOULD be using their wit on reporting ENTERTAINMENT news aimed at African Americans and yet INSIST on pushing their own insipid right wing agenda…

  • iscream

    @ Charles

    Been here a lil over a year. When I came the sweep happened a few months later. So I never really got to see the hey days at their fullest. Since then I've only saw 4 (inc you) unbanned. Can't remember how many were banned or left on their own. (Shout out to Hun E 100 post party lady)

    I believe the site is the way it is because of the topics that are posted. Most the topics are Obama or MJ (recently) bashing post. Its only but so much you can say on the same subject day in and day out :shrug:

    Sandra don't :ban: me for my opinion I'm just saying.

  • KaraZ

    @Charles, you're really just an idiot. I'm not speaking off hearsay, I go home every 4-6 weeks as I transition back home, I see the effects of what Bush's dealing in oil-rich Nigeria was; even those who benefited from the greased palms will admit that they enjoyed more freely during the Bush regimes.