Unlike Morpheus in the "Matrix" Obama is offering nothing but a pack of lies and misinformation in regards to his health care reform bill.

During Wednesday night's televised presser to push his health care bill, Obama used a scenario of diabetics showing up at emergency rooms to have their feet amputated to demonstrate the need for primary care for uninsured Americans -- as if diabetics really do show up at emergency rooms regularly to have their legs taken off because they don't have a primary care physician.

The reality is that diabetics who aren't insured can apply for medicare or medicaid. I haven't met a diabetic yet who isn't under the care of a primary physician. Even homeless diabetics are assigned a primary care physician at Grady hospital.

He also accused doctors of scheduling tonsillectomies for children so the doctor could make more money. He suggested checking the child for allergies instead!!

Obama made it clear that under ObamaCare your doctor will have to find other alternatives to performing surgery that could save your life or the life of your child. But Obama has no problems sending money to other countries for abortions!

Obama uses unnecessary scare tactics to illustrate the urgency of his agenda, which is to socialize medicine as a first step to forcing our dependency on big government.

  • Daisy

    Shyt this is why people say be careful what you ask for :mad:

  • flyqtnva

    i SAID IT BEFORE...as long as they open it up & GIVE US THE SAME HEALTHCARE MICHELLE>>SASHA>>MALIA..have then Im cool....

  • Daisy

    Just to clarify my comment is about this post NOT healthcare its Fri I ain't going there today :coffee:

  • PAHairston

    Sandra Rose, if Congress doesn't pass this health plan, in 10 yrs, God help us all. Obesity is on the rampage in America, especially in the black community, and our young, black people are developing diabetes and high blood pressure at 19 and 20, as opposed to 45 or 50 years of age. We're going to be a very sick nation if this trend continues. My only son, who just finished Stanford, is not insured. He had his teeth cleaned and x-rays done yesterday and it was a whopping $300 cash, out my pocket. God forbid if he has an accident or gets sick because he's 22 and no longer under my plan. It's scary. Peace.

    You attack Obama every day. At least he's trying to make a change. I don't see you helping anybody. I'm just saying.


  • melinla

    I guess Sandra is going hard because she is passionate about healthcare....

  • Anna

    melinla Says:

    I guess Sandra is going hard because she is passionate about healthcare….
    That's a nice way to look at it. LOL. You know Sandra goes out of her way to put our Pres down.