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Local authorities have released raw footage from surveillance cameras that allegedly captured images of two suspects being sought in the murder and robbery of boxing champion Vernon Forrest last weekend. According to the AJC, police believe up to four men were involved in the murder.

Forrest and his 11-year-old Godson are seen on surveillance video in his Jaguar as they pulled into a gas station on Whitehall Street in Southwest Atlanta on Saturday night. Forrest put air in his tires as his Godson, who is the only eyewitness, went inside the convenience store to buy a bag of chips and use the restroom. The gas station surveillance camera captures a red Pontiac Grand Prix or Grand Am pulling up to a pump. A black man is seen getting out of the passenger side and walking directly behind Forrest.

The man is armed and demands Forrest's Rolex watch and a diamond ring. As the man walked away, Forrest retrieved a licensed .45 caliber weapon from under his driver's seat and gave chase on foot South on McDaniel Street and across the I-20 overpass.

Police believe Forrest lost sight of the suspect at the corner of McDaniel and Fulton Streets. The suspect was then caught on surveillance video as he ran past the front door of 505 Fulton Street apartments and then again as he ran behind the building where he is seen opening an unlocked security gate and entering a hallway.

The robbery suspect was wearing jeans, a black t-shirt and carrying a shiny handgun. Another surveillance camera captured the same man cowering nervously in the hallway near a locked security gate while talking on a cell phone. Police believe Forrest caught up with a second man who probably acted as look out at the gas station. The two exchanged words but the man was able to convince Forrest that he wasn't the one who robbed him. When Forrest turned to leave, the man pulled a gun and shot Forrest 7 to 8 times in the back and head. Forrest died at the scene.

After the shooting, the driver of the red Pontiac picked up both the robber and the shooter. The Pontiac then drove South on McDaniel Street.

If you have any information you are asked to call the Atlanta Police Department at 404-577-TIPS (8477)

  • Shauny

    Sad story, It may not have even came to this if he wouldn't have went after them. RIP brother

  • Lemondrop

    I hate that he went after them too, but understand how it could happen.

    I've had to remind my brothers when they wanna hop out the car because of somethin aint worth losin your life over & you can't fight a bullet.

  • Nina

    Very sad - I know his family and they are devastated over this loss. Hopefully, someone will come forward with info on these suspects soon.

  • Lemondrop

    Forgot to add that somebody out there besides the dudes themselves, knows exactly who that is...step up!

  • Daisy

    My :heart: goes out to his son and family. Another black man gunned down by another black man will it ever end....

  • http://XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    I would not have been mad if he would of shot the robbers first. He had every reason to but didn't

  • Daisy

    @Crystal only cause he missed but in the end it wasn't worth it. Once they ran off I would have grabbed the child I had with me and gone on about my biz.

  • dblaq

    Being robbed is a very violating feeling and being a man especially a boxer as Vernon. I can imagine the sh!t that went through his head especially having his god son in the car!!!!! You want to be a protector. Those type situations, you can never say what you will and won't do. Its easy to state your opinion if it never happened to you. Is it worth it, no it's not but a lot of times you don't know, if he felt still some danger or whatever. Vernon didn't do anything wrong because its those cowards that should be questioned NOT Vernon's actions because he paid the price for some dumb ass ni**as. That have absolutely no place in society!! I am sorry I have no sympathy or remorse on any individual that causes harm to innocent people especially when kids are involved. You can preach all the you are not suppose to judge blah blah, I do it and I believe that those buttf**ks have no right to live because they don't bring anything constructive in this world.

    I wish I knew who they were because I would bring they ass in myself! hopefully somebody catches them first before the cops do, they are not worthy of using our tax dollars

  • attorneymom

    The suspect in the above photo looks like a rapper from back in the day. I think he was a member of the rap group called Onyx.

  • attorneymom

    Sidebar: I know the suspect is not the rapper from Onyx because the rapper should be in his 40s by now and I hope he isn't robbing folks.

  • Deelze

    May he rest in peace! The jewelry was really not worth running after someone who robbed you with a gun. I am sorry he did not leave it alone and just called the police and gave a description of the suspect. The person who robbed him walked away and left him alive...if he had not chased after him or them he more than likely would be alive today.

    The jewelry to me was not worth his life...and what about his Godson who was with him, did Forrest give chase and leave him at the gas station alone and unattended?!?!?

  • pointhimout

    im mad that dude gets inside the building and pull out his cell phone to call somebody. Unless you were calling 911 fa the ish you just did, i'm confused about who ur calling. man, the audacity of us--choosing to be free and drive around in ish we worked our asses off to get.

  • Sandra Rose

    pointhimout Says:
    im mad that dude gets inside the building and pull out his cell phone to call somebody. Unless you were calling 911 fa the ish you just did, i’m confused about who ur calling.


    He was calling the driver of the red pontiac to come pick him up.

  • Daisy

    @db His godson was NOT in the car he was in the store already. If I pull out a gun on anybody and they run the other way I am NOT going to chase them unless the have a family mbr with them. I am not blaimg Vernon for being killed BUT had he not chased after the men I would venture to say he wld still be on this side of the ground. Agin God bless his family

  • masonmom


  • masonmom

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