Last night I spent the better part of an hour scouring blogs and news gathering websites for images of Barack Hussein Obama consuming beer at the so-called "beer summit" yesterday. Needless to say, I couldn't find any. Oh, there were plenty of pics of Obama leaning back in his lawn chair (supposedly after a hard day's work) nursing a mug of Bud Light sitting on the table in front of him. But no pics of him actually downing a cold one.

That's odd... Was Sergeant James Crowley the only one captured on film hoisting a mug of suds to his lips during the "beer summit"? Was that the intended outcome -- to get images of the cop drinking beer, but not the president, the vice president Joe Biden, or the race baiting Harvard professor Henry Louis "Skip" Gates, Jr. whose loose lips sparked a firestorm of race debates in this country?

Maybe Obama's handlers didn't want to see any more images like this one. Maybe they reminded O that it isn't cool or presidential to be photographed in public sipping brew. Not when teenagers are still drinking and driving and killing themselves at alarming rates. Best to do all his swigging behind closed doors like George Bush did.



  • iscream

    Are we calling him O now? I thought Oprah already coined that name already.


    Yesterday he was an alcholic now today you admit to stalking the internet for photos of him drinking? *scratch head* wouldn't it be easy to find.

  • LadyJustice


  • ontaya brooks

    Oh Auntie give me a dam* break, I never seen anyone go hard on Mr. President like you. If you despise him so much why waste so much time on research on him?

  • starr


  • Peachizz

    Sandra u a stalker now?
    All I have to say I see these being the last days of Sergeant "JIM"ames "CROW"ley at the Cambridge Police Department.

  • Nina

    LOL at the past few stories on Obama.


  • whatdoesitmatter

    Maybe you need a beer......I know I do after reading you posts.

  • Sweet Mango

    Who says the president can't drink a beer?? That poor guy can do ish with out someone making something out of it.. Can he live??

  • iluvkesh

    Sandra you are so Obsessed. Maybe you should talk to someone about your problem. First you say you stalked the internet looking for pics of him sipping then when you couldn't find one you conclude it was a conspiracy to just have pics of the cop sipping and not Obama. Pathetic.
    Did you two have a relationship in a past life and you can't let go. Seriously your Obsessed.
    Be Blessed.
    I think you may be secretly in love with Obama and since that goes against your chosen lifestyle you are pissed and take it out on him...LMAO

  • spongebobfan

    forget bush....clinton was getting it in too... so come on...

  • LovelyLady

    If u dont like our President why are u here? Go pull some cards out about ur foul mouth f*cked up teeth England buddies.
    ------>>>> Next

  • spongebobfan

    :coffee: happy friday everyone

  • LovelyLady

    An also, I heard Biden DID drink, and was the only one drinking.

  • iluvkesh

    Sandra, Yesterday you sid everyone you spoke with would have never accepted Obama's invitation. I'm curious...who did you speak with. Certainly not anyone with merit. Everyone I asked would have accepted and you know you would have too.

    Oh and since you claim Obama promotes drinking to our teenagers (somehow you concluded this). I guess Bush promotes stupidy and violence and Clinton supports gettin head at work. LOL

    Oh and you promote our teenages to be lesbians. Do I have this right yet? LMFAO

  • Anna

    Another "laughable" Obama post. So this was a set up? James did not hesitate to drink his beer, like everyone else.

  • Daisy

    So we have :cheers: or :koolaid:

  • anti-PC

    Now Auntie you know I would rip everyone's favorite President in a minute, but come on---

    I am sure he drunk the beer. Was it THAT important that the camera's should capture it?

    There are far more troubling things about our current commander in chief then whether he sipped his Bud Light or not.

    How about the fact that the cash for clunkers foolishness that our taxes are being wasted on has already run out of money in less than a week?

  • Shauny

    So yesterday you were getting on him for promoting drinking now you trying to get on him because you didn't see him drink? Are you bipolar? There is a epidemic going on or something.

    Can we get and official RHOA subject please. Dang I wish Michelle could have 5 minutes in a room with your azz.

  • Sandra Rose

    Anti-PC Says:
    Now Auntie you know I would rip everyone’s favorite President in a minute, but come on—

    I am sure he drunk the beer. Was it THAT important that the camera’s should capture it?


    Et tu, Anti-PC? Do you honestly think that all those photographers assembled behind the rope didn't capture ONE image of Obama taking a sip of beer, but they ALL captured Crowley drinking? Come on...

  • sharnell

    Wasn't the OBAMA's human side what got him elected. From the scratched up shoes, to the kids with one winter coat, and the first lady wearing JCrew. I guess I am just confused on the big deal.

  • anti-PC


    I totally understand where you are coming from. But whether this President being photographed drinking his Bud Light or not is the least of our worries from this sorry administration and their sycophants in the media and across this country.

  • iscream


    Daisy, did you see the pic of Kelis out and about with the baby?

  • Daisy

    @Sharnell :rofl: at one winter coat Michelle said thats all she had coming up thats all her kids were gonna have..LOL

    @Shuany yes that is what we are waiting for a ROHOA post and Sandra knows

  • Daisy

    @Isc YES and she is playing the I am broke role part to the T she looked a hot I am ready to see the baby but I don't think newborns are cute (sorry mothers) so I need the baby to be at least 3mths before a pic is

  • kwallace577

    President had a beer here in raleigh when he was running for office. and there was a picture of him partaking. and i also found alot more too. you did not look hard enough.

    google and ye shall find....

  • kwallace577

    Best to do all his swigging behind closed doors like George Bush did
    when you drink alone and have to hide it and it outside of a social circle that is called.........wait for it.......


  • Sandra Rose

    kwallace577 Says:
    President had a beer here in raleigh when he was running for office.


    Please read the title of this post again. I said pics from yesterday.