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According to the LA Times, Barack Hussein Obama is at risk of becoming only the third U.S. president to slip below the Gallup 50% approval rating in his first year in office.

According to Gallup, Obama has reached this new low faster than his predecessors did. By comparison, George W. Bush didn't fall below 50% approval rating until his third year in office. Bill Clinton dipped below 50% in his fourth month. Why the sudden slide for Obama? Because Kool Aid drinkers are finally waking up to the fact that they helped elect a radical socialist for president. Obama is finding out that many of his former supporters are now resistant to his bleak idea of Change.

Remember that Obama wanted a health care reform bill on his desk by the first week in August. He had no intentions on letting anyone read the bill -- and he had every intention on ramming the bill through Congress the way he did with the massive porkulus spending bill.

Obama, who has spent more time away from the White House this month than in previous months, will extend his vacation another week. It seems that Obama's approval ratings rise slightly when he's not in the White House implementing policy.


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    I love skype. I talked to Conservative Black Woman last night. If anyone is on skype, check me out. I am attorneymom, of course.

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    Hello All. How can we blame Obama for inheriting a mess left by Bush and Cheney? How can we blame Obama for black unemployment when its ALWAYS been double what the general population is? How can we blame Obama for trying to fix health care in America when Congress hasn't tackled it in 70 yrs? How can we blame Obama for our dismal economic state when NAFTA in the 90s sent most of our industries overseas thus most of our jobs for less-educated Americans? (Most Americans, black or white, do not have a college degree, do you Sandra?) How can America rate him so low when he's only been in office, what, 9 months? How can we? Because we have become idiots! America is full of idiots, clear and simple. Peace.

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    SKYPE is cool. i just downloaded it last week. my husband is leaving for 2 weeks so we will have to use that to communicate while hes away.

    whos voting in these approval rating polls anyway? i bet its all old republicans :shrug:


    You said the keyword getting it "pass congress". I don't know what you expect to happen and the man hasn't even been in office for a year yet. Like I always say, it took 8 yrs to get this country in the shape that we are in today, so it will probably take us 8 yrs to get on some level ground.

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    I think I am addicted to skype. First, blogging. Then facebook. Now, skpe.

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    Im amazed that sandra is not only a blogger/photographer but also a psychic and knows what's in peoples hearts and minds

    Wow sandra =)

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    i've been gone for a minute but i can finally reach the site from the plantation again!

    i'm all giddy, pull it up and what do i see? sandra still bashing obama!!