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I avoided posting these pics of Beyonce from the weekend, because I don't post Beyonce pics 24/7 like that Your Beyonce Fanatic blog. And because most of you have already ripped her a new one over that dreadful Rick James wig. So what else was there left for me to say?

The Fashion Critic, who always has something nice to say even if a celeb looks like a disaster, points out that the bag Bey was carrying is a Christian Dior Samourai 1947 woven frame bag that retails for $4,200! Now anyone who would pay $4,000 for a ugly handbag like that has no class or sense of style. She deserves to be broke by the time she's 40.

Fashion Critic said Bey's polka dot playsuit was cute. Yes, cute on a Chihuahua, but not on a fully grown woman. Beyonce accessorized the outfit with a large Chanel waist belt, a pearl necklace, and black peep-toes heels. Fashion Critic said even though Bey spent thousands on her outfit, the overall look was cheap.

I totally agree.

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  • attorneymom

    Sandra, I sure hope you did not pay for that photo. Sigh


  • pinky2083

    WHOA!! Love me some Bey but that hair is not the bizzness!!


    Yeah she really bugged out on the Wig. Would have never paid for that.

  • Krysi J

    THAT HAIR IS....

  • iscream


  • attorneymom

    @Iscream, you got Dwight on us. LOL

  • toosexy

    Not a good look..period.. she is far behind in the syle game...far behind

  • iscream

    In other Bey news. I saw some cute photos of her and Jay out having dinner... then I thought to myself. What the hell is so cute about it. Its a couple having dinner. If someone snapped shots of me and my man having dinner the other night we were more lovey dovey then they were.. :D at the flashback... love being in love, anyway

    Its that whole shhhh action they got going on. By not talking about the relationship it makes it seem more than its not. As soon as they talk no one will care and they will lose a lot of their buzz. Too bad people really do fall for it all. (Pssst soon as yall catch on and don't care. I bet you won't get her to shut up about it.)

  • attorneymom

    Bey and Camel bore me.

    Sandra, I think you would be better off posting about Clifford and Tiny. You definitely would generate more comments.

  • miamore73

    Should I even bother commenting on that hair!!! Wow!!

  • jazi65

    Her style game is officially DEAD! from that greasy wet dog jeri curl lookin wig to that gawd awful church lady purse, bey has truly let herself go.

  • mizzdallas

    Lmao @ Ice comment

    she try so hard, as much I get on you sandra about posting pics of rihanna at least she has style and she doesnt have to try soooo hard, smh at the other blog that I wont mention b/c its not on your blog-roll beyaki could be wearing a trash bag and still look good init according to them extremist stans! lol!

    where is fly?

  • Krysi J

    LOL @ Isc....thanks, I couldn't even find the words but you finished it off nicely for me.

  • Daisy

    Does anybody want to hear about B and J? They have always bored me and I never thought they had any chemistry. Kanye and Amber make a cuter couple although I doubt they last I can feel the love/lust and chemistry between those 2 a mile away.

  • LadyJustice

    im pretty sure beyonce didnt buy that purse. they probably gave it to her just cuz they knew she would be photo out and about with it.

    those photos of her a jayz were really cute. i just love them.

  • chat bout

    i never thought she was ever stylish..............she always looks like a wet dog.

  • Daisy

    DEAD ___________________________________ @Chat


    i actually like the handbag

  • melinla

    Maybe it was hot outside...or she just washed her hair. I too think the bag is cute, but I wouldn't (and right now couldn't) pay $4G's for it.

  • wiggy2272003

    Her Jumper is Cute she did not accesorize it right at all, didn't Coco Chanel if you think you look good take away one piec before going out the door. I vote for that necklace. and just washed hair or not she looks soulgloish and could of just put it in a ponytail. They have shoppers at Bloomingdales for a reason.

  • melinla

    How do you keep up with all your st!t if you change pursues that much??? I ALWAYS forget something when I change pursues...and I don't do that nearly as often as most women =)

  • Daisy

    @melina I don't change bags often either. I carry the same bag all summer then switch for the fall/winter until next spring when I buy a new "summer" bag. I will change bags if I go out at night on the wkends otherwise I hate switching bags and what not. My best friend changes bags every other day not my cup of tea :shrug:

  • Mspeng

    chat bout Says:

    i never thought she was ever stylish…………..she always looks like a wet dog

    YES!! I was looking for the best description and it wasn't coming to me and that's it. I just never like anything she wear because she look like a wet mongrel. Thanks :)

  • ELove

    LAUGHING at ALL of the comments !!!!!

  • melinla

    Thanks Daisy it's nice to know I'm not crazy...or at least to know I'm not crazy alone =)

  • Peachizz

    "Most of you have already ripped her a new one over that dreadful Rick James wig."
    LOL... I thought it was the Indian/Malaysian Remy Hair hat just got wet...
    LOL.. I always LOL @ you low blows of Beyonce Sandra......