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Philadelphia Philly fans are not too thrilled with the team owner's decision to sign convicted dog killer Michael Vick to a 2-year contract. Outraged radio talk show listeners are calling in to vent their frustrations on the air. While Philly's own resident punk rocker, Pink, took to her Twitter page and encouraged fans to tear Vick to pieces like he did to his dogs.

"wow. michael vick in MY hometown, Philly. of all the places. I hope the fans tear him to pieces like his beloved dogs."

Meanwhile, protests are also being planned outside the facility where the Phillies train. And Vick can expect to hear boos rain down on him when he takes the field in a Phillies uniform. No wonder 26 NFL clubs passed on his services.


  • ELove

    PHUCK EM ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Do the boo the dogs when the maul our babies to death ! the end of the day football is a business , they know people will come to see him play which is them buying tckets , spendn $ at the concessions stands etc! what ! hell he will probably have on ear plugs anyway ...but again he is gonna clown on that field

  • akiey

    I like Pink as an artist but I hope she remembers she's in the spotlight and when celebs mess up they go down hard. She better count her blessings and tread on tip toes so she doesn't end up blacklisted for any of her misdeeds.

    Vick has done his time and is making amends. He has every right to move on with his career bcoz it's not something he did on the field or while in uniform that sent to the can.

  • iscream

    I mean really and if he wins a Superbowl for them they'll be priasing his glory.

    Isn't this the same town where those kids were kicked out of the pool for being black!

  • jazi65

    Hell wit the haters...he paid his debt to society & deserves a second chance..he did seem very remorseful at the news conference.


    read this same post on tmz...just two different pics

  • LadyJustice

    ELove Says:

    PHUCK EM ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    this is what reggie bush said on twitter. i co-sign with him too!


    @reggie_bush: Last thing I'll say. It's either all right or all wrong. There are people who own gaming reserv's & raise animals only 2 one day hunt them

    @reggie_bush: You can't say it's only wrong cuz it's torturing the animals because that's like saying it's better to shoot/hunt them than torture them.

    @reggie_bush: What do you think use to happen to all those racing horses that were no longer productive for the owner? They didn't become pets!

    @reggie_bush: So my point is that it's all wrong don't single one guy out and make him the poster boy America! Equality for all man!


    im no longer a fan of pink. why would she even get involved is beyond me. she shoulda just her tweets quiet.

  • LadyJustice

    iscream Says:

    I mean really and if he wins a Superbowl for them they’ll be priasing his glory.


    im actually hoping this will happen

  • vipatlstyle

    Who gives a phuck about some damn dogs! I don't care about Vick either but hell he did his time! All of America who has a problem and has a dog come see me! I'll shoot your dog in the head and then shoot you in the foot! The World has way more issues to be concerned about then some damn dogs! I really hope I have made someone mad with my comment! Come see me!


  • Krysi J

    she one to talk???

    bytch let me see some identification??!!

    who the hell are you again??!!??

    I don't know no fukking pink??

  • Krysi J

    THATS RIGHT REGGIE, tell there selfish,racist azzez to jump ship!!

    Whyte people taking dis shyt to da extreme....fa real A DOG, a fukking DOG??

    I HATE stupid shyt like this.....!!!!!! What happened to all the GREYHOUNDS that could win races anymore u MF krackers....huh?? FUKK PINK!

  • Daisy

    She is entitled to her opinion but WHATEVER Pink lol

    Tickets for the Falcon/Eagle game are almost sold out already

  • The Divine Ms. K

    I am an animal lover (harm my Boston Terrier and we WILL fight) but the man has served his time and deserves a chance to redeem himself.

  • MissGauzzz


    CO-SIGN!!!!!!! these phuckas need to go somewhere and sit the he!! down! let this man live and make his $$$!

  • attorneymom

    Any Philly fan who is protesting Vick's arrival, sit your azz down. Your team needs the win. Did the Eagles win the Super Bowl last year?? Nope. Well, shut the f&^% up. Next.

  • miamore73

    Yeah the shit is on my nerves.

    Personally I gives a F*&* about a damn dog. I'm not saying what he did was cool but he did his time and that's that. People that commit to attempt murder don't get this much of a hassle.

    He's a football player not your congressman. Move on!!

    By the way I loved his press conference this morning. All that remorse man that shit was just to shut the haterz up!!

  • m9ser1

    well those boos won't be form me.. i will be at the game with dog collars supporting vick to the

  • m9ser1

    shout out to RON MEXICO...

  • ELove

    I'm GOING to buy me a dog-collar this weekend !!!!!
    Thank You for the inspiration @m9ser1 (Real Talk)

  • dblaq

    Sorry but it just shows you how dumb people are in this country!!! Matter of fact anybody that still crying blood from Mike Vick is a dumb f**k. Go boycott R. Kelly! but no the same ass people are still listening to his music! Go sit your ass in the woods and protect animals from getting hunted down, boycott the horse races, boycott fur, boycott animal testing if you want blood. I don't see anybody crying for murder when Cops kill innocent people daily. STFU. Vick paid his dues and matter of fact he paid far too much!!!

  • attorneymom

    I really want to whip Pink's azz. She talks real slick in her interviews with her corny and confused azz.

  • Daisy

    Vick def. was looking to GOOD at that press conf and I had to remind my gfriend this am about Ron Mexico lol

  • katgirl33

    I bet they change that shyt up when they go to the playoffs....Do McNabb still play for them? I saw on the news where they was saying one of the Eagles QBs (not NcNabb) got hurt in practice......

    Dogs to the side, Vick was a good player.

    They gon be kissin his azz if they go to the Super Bowl....

  • beauty4ashes

    Pink, signing your song, "you make me sick" shut your damn mouth. Come out the closet and stop worrying about Vick. White people loved you when you're on top with their phony ass, and as soon as shit hit the fan, they distancing themselves from you. Forgiveness is not in their evil blood

  • Aquariuz121

    Oh my goodness...who gives Pink the right to judge!!!! She didn't know if she was R&B, black or or straight....I mean, what gives her to the right to judge. I feel like this, he served his time...he paid for what he did! Isn't that what it's all about...You made she he did the time. Now you need to forgive and move on! Just stupid! With all the skeletons in people's closet and the have the ordasity to judge someone else! Tragic!