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Earlier this week we posted a leaked track from a mixtape featuring rap artist T.I. The track titled "That's The Way You Want It" seemed to go hard at the mother of T.I.'s oldest sons, Messiah and Domani. But according to T.I.'s close friend Jason Geter, CEO of T.I.'s record label Grand Hustle, that is not the case.

Jason Geter's Statement:

T.I. Live From Forrest City Facility Mixtape is in no form or fashion affiliated with T.I. or Grand Hustle. T.I. recorded the track "That's The Way You Want It" as a means of release while dealing with a very public child support case. The song was never intended to be released in any way. T.I. loves and respects his kids and would never do anything intentionally to disrespect the mothers of any of his children. Artists often record music for sheer expression that is never meant for the public. T.I. and Grand Hustle regret that this song was leaked and would like to apologize to all parties involved. The other songs on the mixtape are tracks recorded when T.I. was a teenager.

Source: Sydney Margetson | PR Guru, Atlantic Records

Background info on T.I. and Jason Geter's friendship:

There was no real template, it was just go hard literally every day. We got an apartment together, me and Tip. Every day our mission was, what are we gonna do, what club we going to? What show we gonna do? Like literally every day that’s what it was. Dedication. A lot of times people never really, really go in hard. We were really doing it full time. Every week, I would go to Barnes & Noble and read Billboard magazine. Sitting with stacks of magazines, highlighting stuff, rip out pages. Not just doing the work but educating ourselves as well. That’s why we knew our value. Source


    he still should be ashamed

  • pointhimout

    im confused. how is it called live from that facility but the bulk of the songs were recorded when he was a teenager? EPIC FAIL for even commenting, Jason.

  • melinla

    I don't know guys - I know I write stuff in my journal about people that I love that I would never want them to see - of course I usually destroy in a couple of days later or make sure I clarify my feelings....and maybe the tape was giving the title by whom ever "leaked" it...

    But then again I'm Team T.I. so I'm biased =)

  • ELove

    AGREE @point

    "would like to apologize to all parties involved."
    WTF... So you FORGOT the sons mother's name
    This FOOL is a TRICK-AZZ B-I-T-C-H (Real Talk Here)

    "T.I. loves and respects his kids and would never do anything intentionally to disrespect the mothers of any of his children."

    The MOTHERS (Plural) of ANY of HIS children ???
    How come Donte Stallworth wasn't able to be in The-A and accidently HIT THIS FOOL instead

  • iscream

    Surprised it took them this long to release a statement. In all honesty he should be saying sorry to Lashon, his kids and that's all. Call them, write them a letter, or email *blank stare*.

    By next week this will be old news to us. But that pain will forever live with your family.

    You go on tv trying to teach people right from wrong. Looks like you still have some learning to do yourself. Good luck with that and I hope you at least learned something from all of this.

  • iscream


    I was thinking everything you said.

  • Krysi J


    *looks the other way*

    save dat shyt...SMH.

  • Daisy

    I knew this story was coming I hope TI will address this properly when he gets out

    Still team TI

  • LovelyLady

    Its no differnt then when people write hateful things in their journals that they woould never want anyone to see. Artist use music as a form of escape. Im still pretty confident that he didnt leak the track. He was expressing his feelings they way he knew how and it just got leaked. Im sure he already apologixed to her because they had seemed to get it together afte rthe child support hearing.

    But you know how people are......

  • Nekita

    Either way if he was expressing himself in the booth and didn't mean for the song to be released, HE SHOULD NOT HAVE TAKEN IT THERE. At some point in his life, SHE was a part of it. Obviously, there were good times but for him to say he REGRETS the time he spent with her is bullshit. Dude, you have children with this lady. For reason, that track just rubbbed me the wrong way yesterday. And then it was like he was rubbing the way Tiny lives in Lashon's face. TI went tooooo low with that track!

  • melinla

    Thx Lovely - Imma keep it real - I've said some things about my daughter's father that I would never want him or her to hear but it was how I felt at the is what it is...just another part of being a public figure....

  • melinla

    However I also hope that he has apologized to his family directly and sincerely...

  • ELove

    @melinla (comment #12)
    And if I was a T.I. fan, If he didn't I would say...

    My God-daughter is a T.I. STAN and she can't stand Tiny
    So I'm going to ask her WHAT she thinks about this over the weekend... She's also a Huge NFL Fan so we'll be talking shop as well

  • melinla

    Thx E - Your God- daughter sounds like a girl after my own heart! Imma Colts fan myself!

  • Leslie

    I am Team T.I. too! So he can do no wrong in my book!

  • aqtpie

    Wait, so because he apologized, his feelings about her and the subject he touched upon changed?

  • toosexy

    here we go with the judgemental group..I still love you tip... we all make and will make mistakes..

  • Daisy

    I said yesterday I was still team TI but I don't agree with how he handles the situation with his baby mama but he said the old me is dead and gone lol

  • http://XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    he was going to court for child support as a teenager too? i am confused. Oh well Team Xscape all day everyday

  • http://XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    ok i reread it other songs were recorded as yungster, ok

  • http://XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    maybe he should get a punching bag to release some anger

  • Bird

    My opinion has not changed. He's still a b*tch for getting all homotional over some punk azz child support that is the same amount that dudes that make 80k a year pay. As a matter of fact it's less then they pay. Not only was the song whack, but the feelings were whack too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes that this boy will one day become the man that I once thought he was. These continuous b*tch moves on his part have got to stop.

  • Bird

    Having just read the Bobby Brown story on TMZ I just had to come back. Even Bobby has to pay 5k a month for two kids. How on earth did T.I. get away with paying less than that with all the money he makes? I'm sure his lawyers are making more money than all his kids combined and they deserve any penny.

  • Liberty

    Are you serious? Is this the best they could do? I'm not buying that accidentally leaked shit. In this day in age nothing is accidental. He wanted her to hear that ish and he by now I'm sure he got what he wanted. And Jason Geter, what a loser, T.I. should never let him speak for him again.

  • eastpointvet

    the appology sounds just like what i said on the original post of this. and i pretty much feel the same way this day and age of everthing being done on computers its really easy for music to get leak. t.i. had about 4 reference tracks he did for dr dre that got leaked and no way would he had let them songs out because it kills the chances of him writing on the album. its much easier for a song to leak than people think. and if he wrote this song as a release just to get something off his chest and it was never meant for any of us to hear than why be critical of how he feel. he not the first and will not be the last to feel that way about his BM and i dont really think its the money thats his biggest issue its the principle behind it if you are taking care of your children and doing so above and beyond anything on paper and then for somebody to say thats not enough for no reason other to get more money that is gonna rub you the wrong way even if you are not rich or public figure you gonna have a problem with that. and bird nobody who makes 80 gs pays 5k a month in child support thats 60gs a year the average working person doesnt make that working let alone get that in child support

  • Krysi J

    Niccas always got an excuse, tell him to go record some name dropping shyt bout the rappers he beef with, where are those leaks at? Lashon can't even respond on wax??!!! all over 5k! Didn't nobody tell TI to go and have not 1 but 2 children with this woman, and to talk that reckless shyt about her, knowing that he was about to go to jail for a year and needed to continue handling his responsibilities throughout his bid!! Who the hell wants to trust the welfare of children THEY had with a nicca new BM??!! Tiny didn't have those fukking kids TIP DID!!! Lashon did what she felt was in the BEST interest of her damn kids! And this punk azz nicca bytching bout DAT???? Bringing up OLD shyt, shyt dat don't EVEN MATTER cuz he made a STUPID azz decision to purchase GUNS on PROBATION?? SAVE DAT SHYT....he did it cuz he LAME, thats why he did it! Im sure Lashon ain even sweating that shyt doe, cuz it only clarified what she knew all along.........TIP still stuck in the past.

    pull up ya pants boy...ya dyck showing.


  • bcsmiamic

    not an official grand hustle release...bootleggers released this....