Earlier this week we posted a leaked track from a mixtape featuring rap artist T.I. The track titled "That's The Way You Want It" seemed to go hard at the mother of T.I.'s oldest sons, Messiah and Domani. But according to T.I.'s close friend Jason Geter, CEO of T.I.'s record label Grand Hustle, that is not the case.

Jason Geter's Statement:

T.I. Live From Forrest City Facility Mixtape is in no form or fashion affiliated with T.I. or Grand Hustle. T.I. recorded the track "That's The Way You Want It" as a means of release while dealing with a very public child support case. The song was never intended to be released in any way. T.I. loves and respects his kids and would never do anything intentionally to disrespect the mothers of any of his children. Artists often record music for sheer expression that is never meant for the public. T.I. and Grand Hustle regret that this song was leaked and would like to apologize to all parties involved. The other songs on the mixtape are tracks recorded when T.I. was a teenager.

Source: Sydney Margetson | PR Guru, Atlantic Records

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