By Sandra Rose  | 

We need more real men like this Brenham, Texas man who served his brother-in-law a knuckle sandwich for hitting his sister.

  • browni007

    Im good with the beat down for his sis and all, but you just got ur dumb but on tape for assault. SMH let the Popo get their hands on this!

  • Kat

    well damn! bet he won't put his hands on his sister no mo! :D

  • Daisy

    If his sister was getting beat cause the sky is blue or cause she was breathing then he needed his azz whooped everybodys situation is not the same however.

  • mizzdallas

    man that look like it was in oak cliff 4 real, they do sum ish like that in the hood!

  • Peachizz

    You're promoting violence now Sandra?
    Why would be beat up his this man, if his sisters gonna go back to him?

  • miamore73

    His sister may go back to him but I bet he thinks twice about putting his hands on her again. Although he may just kill her the next time.

  • attorneymom

    Good for him. We need more men willing to protect black women. Bravo!!!

  • Smokie

    I'm all for it. One time, my HUGE brother (6'3, 360 lbs of muscle) slammed and beat down a guy who pushed me and made me hit the ground. Unlike most ppl, he didn't know about my brother Deebo, as everyone calls him. It's great having a big (yet younger) brother. LOL

  • Daisy

    @peach maybe she wont go back lol Not all women go back (maybe) and not all men/women hit again (maybe)

    @attymom I guess your daughter is better since you are back

  • intensemocha



  • smiley

    I think more men need to protect women PERIOD Maybe more men would think twice before harming a woman.

  • attorneymom

    @Daisy, I don't know if you are being smart but my daughter is still recovering from swine flu. If she is symptom free for the next 24 hours without the aid of medicine, then I will allow her to return to school tomorrow.

  • Daisy

    Lawd Jesus peter paul and mary WHY does Attymom always think I am being smart when I ask her a question lol

    I am glad to hear she is doing better!

  • miamore73

    Daisy I wasn't sure either. I sat here going is she trying to be smart?? No she wouldn't be smart about something like that?? hmmm

    I think maybe the sentence above the question left the reader wondering.

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  • Bird

    Funny how dude is cool with hitting a woman, but when a man approaches him he doesn't even man up and fight. Punk b*tch.


    Your tone has changed in recent months. I thought I was the only one who noticed. You're a little more catty than you used to be. No offense.

  • Daisy

    I type/comment like I talk same with email. I am forver telling somebody I wasn't being funny or smart in an email :shrug: When I am being a smart azz I claim it lol

    @Bird thanks I think my straight no chaser tude can or may be coming off as catty

    @attymom for the record I was NOT trying to be funny

  • Avanti

    Its not a good look to post this video seeing as how it is still simple assault (b/c he used hands not foreign object) but I find a little comfort in the fact that he didn't not pick up a gun. He made a point and both live to see another day.

  • attorneymom

    @Miss Daisy, if you keep messing with me, I am going to start quoting scriptures again. LOL. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Doc Jam

    He handled that shit how it has to be done.