By Sandra Rose  | 

The social networking and micro blogging service was brought down by a major distributed denial of service attack earlier today. It took the service 3 hours to recover from the cyber attack

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack occurs when hackers use infected computers to flood a website's server (or servers) with thousands of requests for data packets per minute. Since the server can't tell the difference between the good traffic and bad traffic, it crashes. The computer owners (YOU) don't even realize their computers were used in the attacks.

In the meantime, millions of Twitter addicts were forced to find something else to do with their time such as get a life, reacquaint themselves with their children and pets, or actually put in some work for their employers.

  • mizzdallas

    I have not been on twitter since yesterday afternoon, so thanks for the update!

  • masonmom

    OH NO!! what will we do without knowing the every second of the minute up to date info on what celebs are doing with their every waking moment! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! im sorry i cant get wit twitter! too stalkerish.

  • anti-PC

    'In the meantime, millions of Twitter addicts were forced to find something else to do with their time such as get a life, reacquaint themselves with their children and pets, or actually put in some work for their employers.'

    Auntie you are a mess! LOL :D

  • iscream

    "Put in some work for their employers."

    Yeah, is that why one is required to have work address to post here :|

    & I keep hearing you say people on twitter aren't keeping up with their child(ren). Don't you know how to walk and chew gum at the same time?

    Its called Multi tasking.... but, uhm, yeah I don't use Twitter like masonmom it's stalkerish.

  • LadyJustice

    its still down though :(

    twitter come baaaaack to us. im spazzin

  • masonmom

    isc u funny as hellll

  • LadyJustice

    i have 2 kids, a husband and a full time job and i have time to tweet. forget u sandra :D

  • Daisy

    Mason ppl do more than tell their wherabouts I am paranoid penny and I like twitter I have convos just like I do on SR

    I don't have kids or a pet and its called multi tasking as Ice said

  • lovejoy1

    watch it ms Rose- I'm actually getting paid to be on ur site as well.. Im pretty sure errrrryone on here is at work as well.. OR is just me? lol

    btw, twitter sucks- i didnt even bother with that ish.. SR and Facebook on the other hand is my favorite...

  • lovejoy1

    my english sucks today-- i meant to say are my favorite...

  • Daisy

    I don't like faecbook I like twitter betta my friends hate I don't have a FB page whatever lol

  • LadyJustice

    Twitter is what u make of it. if u dont want people to be all up in your business then dont put it out there. u can make private pages so only the people u want can see your udates. i dont care what nobody say i love me some twitter, its very entertaining and u get first dibs on news from the trending topics. me and daisy tweet during our shows and discuss :)

  • masonmom

    ok hold convo;s? wuts the difference between that and txtin? and u can keep a page private to see what your friends are doing every wakin moment of their lives...umm ok! 2:21pm: just got finish eating 2 pcs of chicken, rice n gravy and greens

    2:30pm: to the bathroom i go!
    3:30pm: ahhhh i feel born again
    3:31pm: chkn sandra rose
    3:32pm: replying to the 100th ri-ri post
    3:32 and 50 secs pm: spit out drink laughin at post

  • Daisy

    @Mason I dont have unlimited text I am to CHEAP and like I said before U DO NOT HAVE TO PUT every detail of your life in twitter. The same stuff I put on SR is the same stuff I put on I mainly chat with Lady, Hermosa and Iyonah and LAUGH at lil duvall he is a FOOL on twitter :rofl:

  • http://XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    I twitter on the toilet sometimes. Lol

  • LadyJustice

    she was saying that its no difference than posting on sandra rose. we hold convos here all day. its really no difference b/t that and txt because u have the same number of characters spaces pretty much. why pay to text when u can tweet for free

  • masonmom

    hmmm unlimited txt w/at n t -$20
    internet service w/cable provider- arm and leg
    reaction to daisy not being able to access twitter-PRICELESS!!

  • mizzdallas


    TMI!! lol!!! although I have not twitter on the toliet I have talk on the phone while I was on the toliet. I know just nasty lmao! oh wells

  • ELove


    If I ever tweeted (WHICH I WOULDN'T)...
    I would only tweet WHEN I'm flushing the Toilet and then everybody would wonder did he do a no.1 OR a no.2 ???

    I WOULD NEVER give any other details other than saying
    "I Just got through FLUSHING MY TOILET" :rofl:

  • iscream

    @ Mizz

    *raise hand*

    I'm also guilty of that. Depending on who is on phone I may mute to flush :rofl:

    I find a lot of people flushing on the other end of the phone as well so its something people do. Damn cordless phones.

  • LadyJustice

    LOL @ ELove

  • masonmom

    im guilty! i mute to flush but washing my hands and the echo of the bathroom gives it away!

  • Daisy

    I thought everybody talked on the phone while using the bathroom it really bothers one my gfriends but she will be I don't ever mute the line to flush whatever :coffee:

  • Daisy

    Puffy did let the world know he had the runs last Sun and I was thinking TMI Puf TMI lol

  • Krysi J

    I just don't get it. :shrugs:

  • iyonah

    OH MY GOODNESS its down again