Today’s cartoon from AJC editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich depicts Barack Obama wearing surgical scrubs and puffing on a cancer stick while his health care bill reform is about to go on life support.

Every day I receive angry emails from readers who are at odds with me about my Obama coverage. They tell me in very colorful language where I should go and where I should stuff it, and I even get threats for expressing my opinion, which I still have the constitutional right to do.

The prevailing attitude of these clueless individuals seems to be: we want free health care and we don’t want to have to pay for it.

Well, the reality is that nothing in life is free. And ObamaCare damn sure isn’t going to be free! Each and every one of us will pay through our noses (and other orifices) for the so-called “free” health care that will mainly benefit illegal aliens.

Obama’s health care reform bill, which will end up costing more than $1 trillion, will force him to raise taxes in an already depressed economy with skyrocketing unemployment figures. While I agree that everyone should be entitled to health care at reasonable costs, I don’t want Obama or his Chicago cronies meddling in my health care decisions.

Right wing bloggers all over the blogosphere have chosen this timeless classic as Barack Obama’s theme song. It’s easy to see why.