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In case you didn't know, Transformers actress Megan Fox is the sexiest woman in Hollywood. Word is Megan beat out Beyonce for the coveted spokesmodel gig at Armani Emporium. Fox is a beast and no one is touching her right now.

Fox allegedly got the gig after a fierce bidding war between Versace and Armani. I wonder how much cash the brand laid out on the table for her services?

Megan will replace Beyonce as the face of Armani's fragrance and fashion campaign.

Unfortunately, there was no such bidding war for Beyonce's services. She was simply moved aside to make room for Megan.

I guess this is further proof that Bey is losing her appeal.

Thanks to loyal reader Iesha for the tip!

  • mizzdallas

    Ilove Megan Fox every since she starred in my favorite movie Transformer 1&2. Congrats! to her she is moving up in the world, she also has a new movie coming out "Jennifers Body" I believe.

  • Daisy

    Well dayum

  • yvonne79

    Are those ribs I see? :coffee:

  • 2thick4u funny but get your facts together before writing what readers send you!!!

    I just googled this topic and found this...Megan Fox is tipped to be the new face of Emporio Armani underwear after Victoria Beckham opted not to renew her contract.

    Now Beyonce is still part of Armani fragrance and clothes :) :) !!!!

    She still on top :) !!! Will be in BEAST mode until she retire!!!

  • iscream

    I googled also. That victoria story is from early August the Bey story is from a few hours ago.

    Easy come. Easy go. I'm sure they paid her well for her run.


    I am in no way a Beyonce fan.. But, do you think it has anything to do with the fact that Megan is White? Typically in Hollywood as more marketable....

  • The Divine Ms. K

    I thought Rihanna was the beast that was on top? Shouldn't SHE be the new face and not Meagan??

    Sandra, you got a new crush? Or does it matter as long as its NOT Beyonce? lol What DID she do to you??

  • african_dude

    i am by no means a fan of beyonce but megan fox is so so overrated...NEXT

  • aqtpie

    LMAO at Sandra.

  • melinla

    Yes those are ribs =) LOL

  • Shauny

    Megan Fox is VERY overrated. What comes out her mouth takes away from her looks IMO.

    Don't spokespersons usually only last for a year? I'm not ever a Bey STAN but between her and Megan, she has little to worry about.

    Isc, so are they saying AFTER Posh Spice declined it was between Megan and Bey per your info?

  • lovejoy1

    I am a fan of B but for real all this bashing of anyone is getting boring.. What keeps me coming back? reading the comments from SR family...

    SAndra u know u made that ish up... lmao

  • Krysi J

    Aw, somehow I can't help but wonder if Beyonce even cares... :shrugs: Megan Fox is cute, more power to her...Im surprised they didn't offer the deal to Kim K.

  • Daisy

    Is Megan going to be Wonder Woman?

  • iscream

    @ Shauny :shrug: I didn't see Posh name at all. Plus as far as the contract comment hasn't Bey held down her Loreal? Contract for a minute. I've never even saw her really promote Armani brand like that.

    :rofl: @ Daisy comment 14.

  • browni007

    @ lovejoy - the comments keep me here too.
    I like Megan but they need to tone her down a bit.
    Can anyone be too dayum sexy?
    I come from modest upbringing - show all that leaves nothing for the mind, but it seems like everyone bares all.

  • anti-PC

    Megan is beautiful but she reminds everyone of Angelina Jolie-- THAT'S why she is so popular.

    And she's overexposed.

  • iscream

    I'm sorry yall but where is this girl overexposed at? I didn't even know who she was when Sandra did a post on her a few months back. I had to do a google search just to find out where she was from. Is she highly popular in the yt media? Next to Bey is she really overexposed?... real question.

  • Daisy

    I don't think she is over exposed or that she looks like Angelina

  • attorneymom

    Please tell me what is so sexy about anorexia.

  • miamore73

    Megan Fox is VERY overrated. What comes out her mouth takes away from her looks IMO.


    @Shauny we sure as hell agree on this one. This girl is as dumb as rocks. She's has a really huge problem with word vomit.

    @Daisy she doesn't think she looks like Angelina either. Evidently she was compared to Angelina and said something to the effect that she was pretty and didn't look anything like Angelina.

  • kdillon

    3 weeks ago was no Megan Fox day because she is all over magazines..... White folks love this girl! People are now getting the idea that Beyonce is old news, nothing against her but its the business. A person can only saturate the market for so long before people/advertisers want something fresh and new. As for the Rihanna comment, she is on her way to bigger endorsements, remember she has only been in the game for about 4 years.... already accomplished alot in the short time.

  • Sandra Rose

    @ kdillon:

    Rihanna came from behind to take B's crown. I think everybody loves the underdog. But they will turn against Rihanna now.

  • Daisy

    I just read an interview Megan did and she didn't sound dumb to me wish I cld rememba the magazine. I don't have an opinion on her so to speak so I'm not on anybodys side.

    They will only turn on Rihanna if she were to ever go public with CB again :coffee:

  • jazi65

    Companies are about money..and they will go with who's gonna bring in the most..Bey held it down for 2yrs but right now everyone in hollywood is talking about Megan..why, I don't know..

  • ELove

    I DON'T get the hype with this chic or ANY YT skin-n-bones chic... but LIKE @kdillon said THIS IS HOLLYWEIRD where crack-head skinny YT-Gurls are at a premium

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