ABC put the smack down on convicted woman beater Chris Brown:

ABC’s ‘Good Morning America‘ has written off another controversial music performance as the network pulled the plug on Chris Brown, who was set to sing on the program next week, according to the New York Post.

Brown hasn’t been able to shake the negative energy he’s been getting since he assaulted his ex-girlfriend Rhianna. Instead of promoting his music, Brown agreed to speak with host Robin Roberts during a prime-time segment on ‘20/20‘ set to air Dec. 11 — he reportedly taped the interview over the weekend.

And this interview promises to feature Brown coming clean about the incident, unlike his pussyfooting around the issue during recent appearances on ‘Larry King Live‘ and ‘The Wendy Williams Show.’


  • 2thick4u

    Well I can't wait to see his interview :)

  • trynabeme

    Tell the truth & shame the devil:
    ABC buckled under pressure from Adam Lambert's fans who are mad that his GMA performance was canceled after his AMA disturbia! ABC was ready to let CB be great!

  • LovelyLady

    Why want they let Chris be great!!!!

  • ggouch

    I know a lot of people are beginning to feel sorry for CB. I tend to go back and forth. But Mike Vic, received far more harsher backlash for his sins. I tend to think...CB needs to disappear for a moment. Perhaps a year or two and then come back. I believe society would feel more opt to believe in him and allow him a freshstart. I think the only thing sustaining him now is a primarly YOUNG FAN Base, They don't know any better. To them it's about his music, his dance moves and not his character.

  • Mz.Williams

    They don't want him to perform and promote his cd. But they want a interview. I would have said hell naw. I know I'm tired of hearing the same lame a** questions and answers. Let this boy move on with his life.

  • trynabeme

    @ ggouch,
    U ain't know? Animals are more important than ppl in America. :shrugs:

  • LovelyLady

    I think the only thing sustaining him now is a primarly YOUNG FAN Base, They don’t know any better. To them it’s about his music, his dance moves and not his character
    Im 22 so i would say yup im right in that fan base. BUT i actually see old heads bumping CB to :coffee: I have always been a fan of his because he doesnt talk about drugs, guns, drinking etc. But to turn our back on him becuase he made a mistake is insane. Would you want your family to turn away from you because you made a mistake. Why do people want us to hate him. God forgives and so should others.

  • LovelyLady

    Oh and for the record i also believe Mike Vick recieved a harsh punishment. But it is what it is.

  • mizzdallas

    That stil wont hurt cb he will still more records then you precious robyn

  • Anna

    Mz.Williams Says:

    They don’t want him to perform and promote his cd. But they want a interview. I would have said hell naw. I know I’m tired of hearing the same lame a** questions and answers. Let this boy move on with his life.
    Yep. I don't want to watch him squirm in his seat being interviewed. They don't owe us anything just as Elin & Tiger Woods don't. Let the young man sing. If Rih can have a career for looks and and hurting my ears when she sings, then Chris being a great performer should not have to run and hide.

  • LadeeA

    Poor Chris :sad: Rhi doesn't seem to be cashing in from the drama either. Her new album sales are supposedly low and apparently, her team has lowered her album to .99 cents online.

  • african_dude

    LovelyLady Says:

    I think the only thing sustaining him now is a primarly YOUNG FAN Base, They don’t know any better. To them it’s about his music, his dance moves and not his character

    i doubt it..when do teenagers get money to buy things? from their parents, how many parents want to buy a chris brown cd for their kid? not too many....

  • Ms_Psych

    GMA is a grown folks show. A show grandparents, mamas, and and grown folks are primarily are into. He not going to get to go on there and and dance and tap dance around just owning up to what he did. He needs to take that to MTV, BET or the other stations that are tabloid if he want to just shuffle. GMA is not having today's fuck up youths getting over on them.

  • missy

    <<<<<<<(THEY GET THE CB FACE)

    Why get and interview and not the performance...... :shrug: they let robin perform........... but at the end of the day he is trying to sell albums

    Good luck CB

  • mizzdallas

    I too have both cb cds and Im a grown azz woman he has some nice songs on his album that any person at any age can relate too... and besides he is a performer and thats what I like about him Im no stan I just like his music and performances we all done stupid ish at 19yr so chunk the deuces up and keep it moving...

  • missy

    mizzdallas Says:

    That stil wont hurt cb he will still more records then you precious robyn

    :rofl: so true

  • ggouch

    @ Lovelylady, I guess compared to 22 I am an ole-head at 30+. So let me say I like Chris Brown as well. His acts didn't change the fact that I liked some of his songs. I also liked R.Kelly, but thought twice before purchasing his work post the molestation aligations. I was also an O.J. fan, but feel "somekind of way" when I see him in his old movies.

    In God's perfect world..If ONLY we could forgive as He does...if ONLY. We would have a lot less monsters if we could forgive all those that trespass againest us.

  • LovelyLady

    Ummm African Dude I did not say that...i was responding :lol:

  • LovelyLady

    Ggouch I agree

  • missmiami

    Still can't wait for the album. Never purchased his album before but I will this time. Can they let him live.... Everyone makes mistakes

  • tori-v

    that is an awful pic of CB. He looks like a poster child for Clearasil! :-(:
    they need to drop this foolishness.
    "Rhi-Rhi the Raggedy Rugged Raunch" has moved on so we should too. Chris is sorry for his actions and needs to focus on his cd and quit talking about the beatdown.. and if someone asks him about it, then and only then, should he give them a live re-enactment of that night...STARRING THEM!!: >:(:(sorry, im sleepy so im in a horrible mood at work)

  • tori-v

    and now look, :crying1: my darn emotcions didnt work.. ARGH!!!:)

  • Kat

    these parents are still going to buy chris brown's cd for their kids if that's what they want. :rolleyes:

    if he's going to "come clean" about the incident, hopefully he will tell how rihanna threw the first punch....right in his face as he was driving the car. she threw him all up under the bus, i wouldn't continue to protect her azz.

  • Quitta

    Well this did happen about 8-9 months ago, still they need to let up. Ole kid made his mistake, he’s paying his dues, give him a shot ya know.

    How many more damn interviews to finally get “the truth” out? What more do pple wanna hear? What were they really fighting about? Who hit who first? If his hands were opened or closed before he hit her? :shrugs:

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Co-sign Tori V

    I want to see if Tiger's wife will get this much attention. Why are we still talking about this and it's been almost a year later? Tiger is in the news now. Let's talk about him. I'm not a CB stan but this man needs a break. I don't think anyone would like their dirty laundry aired and scrutinized every day for almost a year? Jeez!!!

  • pyt305

    I said it b4 and I will say it again>>> CB needs to stop talking about the incident and start talking about the music...Im sure his album is gonna be way better then Rhianna album!

  • Daisy


    I bet the pulled the performance AFTER the interview

    I don't think he is going to tell what happened in the car n I don't think he should he doesn't owe us shyt and this is coming from somebody NOSEY as hail folks want him to tell all so they can rake his azz over the coals again :nono:

    I am over 30 never bought a CB cd before but I will be buying his new cd just cause

    Also teens order cds from itunes they don't really need parents to go in a store anymore for them

    Team BOTH

    This is just getting all out of control

    Why can't folks let Chrianna be GREAT :cheer1:

  • mirsmommy

    In the words of Mike Epps, "We don't know what that Frankenstein Head B*tch did to him in that car!"

    :rofl: Just joking.

    But they do need to let that man live. Get over it.

  • KiKiWest

    As my late grandmother would say," This BS don't make no since"!! Let that man be. He was found guilty in the court of law and public opinion. Yes what he did was wrong... in fact DEAD wrong but there comes a point where we must forgive. Who knows how many times Rihanna hit him before he went off... she herself said the relationship was dangerous and obsessive on both parts... we all know what she meant by that

  • Mz.Williams

    I will be buying cb cd. Does anyone know how rhi rhi album is doing.

  • mirsmommy

    Mz.Williams Says:

    I will be buying cb cd. Does anyone know how rhi rhi album is doing.

    Sh*tty, from what I hear :?

  • CivilEngineer

    How many interviews can he give to say the same thing? I think him saying anything along the lines of "she hit me first" will make him look like a b!tch so he should just talk about his music and leave anything related to Rihanna out.

  • Daisy

    He talks about MUSIC in his interviews he just doesnt talk about that night and he tried to STOP talking about it but ppl bring it up. He has done several radio interviews in the last few weeks that have been strictly about MUSIC. people act like he wants to discuss that night he is ready to move past it just like she is but ppl wont let them be GREAT! I am sure he agreed to do the interview so he could perform but that has been cancelled now.

  • LadeeA

    @mirsmommy- Frankenstein head... Damn he ain't lying :lol:

  • jazi65

    What is the point of this interview? After all this time and Rhi's interview anything he says at this point will be suspect...I guess he wants the same publicity Rhi got for her CD since his comes out shortly before this interview :lame:

  • trynabeme

    I heard (may have been on this site) Timberland took CB off his album. Who's checking for a Timbo CD? (admittly, I do STILL have that Tim/Magoo CD). He needs CB. The PR game is nuthin' nice!

  • Mz.Williams

    I don't think he wanted the interview. I think he wanted to perform and promote the cd. He always says he's ready to get over this but the media won't let him. Let this child be. Only thing cb wants to do is sing and pop lock and drop it

  • DarkChild

    I don't agree with a man hitting a woman but dang enough is enough. Leave the man alone! People do stupid stuff all the time. He's NEVER going to admit what really happened that night...Rihanna never REALLY admitted to what happened that night. Who are we to be judge and jury. If he's gotten it right with the Big guy upstairs he's supposed to go on with his life. I don't think he should do anymore interviews about that night.

  • Lady_L

    oh God I wish people would leave this damn boy alone already!!

  • Lady_L

    R. kelly gets more love than Chris.

  • Mz.Williams

    @ladyl ur not lying I didn't see tmz bothering R kelly. After he was found not guilty he was able to move on with his life. How in the hell they found him not guilty idk but the media left his ass alone

  • qtipthecat

    Chris Brown should never be put into the category with Mike Vick. He hit Rhianna in a fits of anger. He has anger problems which he is hoipefully getting help for. Mike Vick killed animals and tortured them just for fun and for profit. It is not the same thing at all. Just because Mike Vick is black does not give him a pass. :shotsfired:

  • starr

    They gave under the pressure of the gay community. And i will be buying chris's cd....

  • Jazzy101

    Sandra..they only reason they canceled the performance is because of the adam controversy. And he's still going to do the interview. He's currently on tour which are selling out shows left and right. So Instead of hating on CB. Why dont you report on how your girl riri album is flopping like a pancake. Including FLOPPED in the UK?

  • Jazzy101

    I ment The Only reason they canceled his performance.

  • Krysi J

    This shyt just goes on and ON and ONNN and ONNNNNNNN...dayum who wants Chris or Rhianna to come clean because I think the actual fan/consumers of their products is tired of this fukking subject....seriously

    are you seriously going to continue shoving this shyt down our throat....IM READY TO THROW THE FUKK UP!! :sick:

  • MGutierrez

    According to @gloobspot on Twitter. A member of Chris Brown's marketing team, this interview, much like the others, are full of speculation. He's not telling much of anything.

  • s_johnson07

    If you all don't want people to judge and ridicule Chris Brown, why do yall do exactly that to Rihanna? Can you say hypocritical and pathetic?

  • Jazzy101


    It goes both ways sweetheart. If you dont want people to judge and ridicule rihanna. Dont do it to CB. Its Hypocritical and pathetic ON BOTH SIDES.

  • missy


    :cosign: but I was never a fan of Robyn so that whole incident didn't change my view on her.... :nono:

  • Anna

    Krysi J Says:

    This shyt just goes on and ON and ONNN and ONNNNNNNN…dayum who wants Chris or Rhianna to come clean because I think the actual fan/consumers of their products is tired of this fukking subject….seriously

    are you seriously going to continue shoving this shyt down our throat….IM READY TO THROW THE FUKK UP!!
    There is always something new to report or old stuff just gets reported as new. It can't be healthly because one day Rih is on top of the world and the next she can't put this behind her and be happy. She seems sad and insecure more times than looking happy and confident as the Rhi of early this year.

  • taymorel

    This is backlash since GMA would not let Adam Lambert perform. Adam's fans didn't think it was fair. I was really looking forward to seeing Chris perform. I already pre-ordered his new album.

    He is only 20 years old--if he can't get a second chance, then no one should. At least he is young and can still turn his life around.

  • Hermosa

    Its funny how now he wants to talk...after riri put his azz on he wants to talk.

    This b!tch needs to give it a rest...go away...and maybe Ill forget about it. You and your pussy azz aint helpin much. STFU already.

  • s_johnson07

    @Jazzy101 Says

    ((LOL)) Stupidity is an embarrassment. So tell me, where in my post did I criticize Chris Brown? I simply pointed out a phenomenon that is prevalent regarding the Chris Brown and Rhianna fiasco.

    It's interesting how people say don't judge Chris but yet, backdoor and call Rihanna all kinds of horrible names. It is also intersting how people come down on Chris, even though he's taken responsibility, as if making mistakes is only his problem. You really make yourself look bad by making assumptions. Just thought you should know..

    So, don't get pissed at me. Try to prove a dumb point to someone else; it doesn't work with me boo. Question? Didn't think so...

  • Kimi

    I still find it deeply disturbing to see so many Black Women still saying that Rhianna hit him first and deserved the vicious beating he gave her, even though they were not there when it happened. One of my (white) female coworkers asked me why Rhianna was getting so much flack from Black Women for what happened, and I had no answer :shrugs: It's baffling. Anyway, I think Chris needs to try to move on or stay out of the public eye for a while, he made a terrible mistake, and he has to learn that there are consiquences for his actions. I think youth combined with fame made him think he was invincible, but he learned a harsh lesson that he is accountable for his actions. I honestly don't believe Rhi hit him first that night, but even if she did that didn't warrant her being punched, bitten, choked and left unconcious :? As far as sales are concerned, Chris has lost his crossover appeal, the only people still really riding for him are Black people. There is no way in the hell he will sell more albums than her, it's just not going to happen. Hopefully they both learn from this and move on to bigger and better things, I think they have both learned valuable lessons from this whole thing.