According to explosive new information from and ESPN, golf superstar Tiger Woods was high on prescription pain killers when he climbed barefoot into his luxury SUV around 3 a.m. Friday and sped off into the night.

He didn’t get far as he collided with a fire hydrant at the end of his runway inside his gated community and then careened across a neighbor’s front yard before smacking into a tree.

It seems that Tiger was telling the truth in a statement posted on his website on Sunday in which he stated his wife Elin Nordegren-Woods didn’t physically assault him with a golf club as we all originally thought.

The assumption all along had been that Tiger tried to escape after fighting with his golf club-wielding wife over rumors of his alleged creeping with an industry trollop.

But evidence shows Elin actually did use the club to bash out the locked windows of Tiger’s truck so she could pull him out just as she told the FHP.

According to an eyewitness, Tiger was knocked out on the ground outside the vehicle with a shaken Elin hovering over him. He was so tore up on prescription drugs that he couldn’t keep his eyes open when police and paramedics arrived on the scene.

Paramedics applied “pain stimulus” to arouse Tiger from his stupor. This works by rubbing the 2nd knuckles of your closed hand against the collarbone or breastbone of the patient causing instant pain. Normally this is done when a patient is believed to be under the influence of something and you want to wake him up quickly.

Tiger awoke briefly and then passed out again. He was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and no shoes. It’s illegal in Florida to drive without shoes.

According to TMZ, Elin was asked if Tiger was taking any medications. This is another indication that Tiger was over medicated because medical personnel are trained to recognize the signs of drug abuse. Elin went in the house and brought out two pill bottles. She said she did not know when he had last taken the meds.

Elin was extremely upset and was told twice by paramedics to stand back while they tended to her husband. This hardly sounds like a woman who just beat her husband down with his own golf club.

Most notable is the fact that Tiger didn’t have any head wounds — just facial lacerations consistent with an auto accident.

All of this could explain why Tiger has thrice refused to speak with police about his accident. It is likely that his painkiller addiction could end up costing him lucrative endorsements.

The FHP are seeking a warrant to gain access to Tiger’s medical records from his emergency room visit. Police also plan to view surveillance cameras of Tiger leaving his home that night. That’s if Tiger releases the footage.