The former bodyguard of Sean Combs, Jay Z and Mariah Carey passed away this weekend after being shot in the neck by New York’s finest. You know how quick they are to pull the trigger especially when they see a BMWG — black man with gun.

From ContactMusic.com:

A former bodyguard for JAY-Z, MARIAH CAREY and SEAN COMBS died in a bar brawl on Sunday (15Nov09) – after he was fatally shot in the neck by New York City police.

Authorities were called to Brooklyn club Norwood Palace early on Sunday morning after gunfire broke out, allegedly over a spilled drink.

According to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, a plainclothes police officer fired at Kevin White, who was reportedly holding a gun inside the club, after he failed to obey to instructions to drop the weapon.
Surveillance video footage reportedly shows the 43-year-old bouncer and celebrity security guard shooting at police prior to the fatal blow.

White had been arrested on five previous occasions for weapon possession, reports the New York Post.
However, his relatives insist White had just wrestled the gun from a patron. White’s sibling, Louis, argues, “My brother would never carry a gun.”

Nineteen-year-old Donovan Wilson was also wounded in the incident after reportedly firing a gun at another club bouncer. He was shot in the elbow and hip after failing to follow police orders to drop his weapon.

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