Do you ever wonder how a woman “catches” a married man just out of the blue? As if he was just waiting around to be caught? As I’ve pointed out so many times before, men are hard wired to cheat. I’m not saying all men cheat, I’m saying they are hard wired to cheat because not cheating sort of goes against nature.

As it is, women outnumber men 3-1 on planet earth. So in order to populate the earth, man has to be very busy in the sack. If a man limited himself to just one woman then our species would rapidly die out. Therefore, cheating is hard wired in their brains so that men don’t become complacent with just one woman and forget their primary purpose.

Scientific studies have shown that a man’s brain is smaller than a female’s. Men are very good at analytical thinking and working with their hands. But when it comes to the opposite sex, they lack the ability to process information rapidly before it reaches their genitals. This makes men very vulnerable to sneaky women like Gabrielle Union.

It also means men require very little stimulation to get them going, so to speak. A wink and a smile from a hawt female is usually all it takes.

Whereas, females require a little more stimulation. A Coach or Louis Vuitton bag usually gets the most resistant female in the mood and in the sack.

So I hope that helps to explain why a NC man dumped his wife and two kids and moved into a mansion with singer Fantasia one week after meeting her. It’s really not rocket science.

Apparently, everyone in Charlotte, North Carolina is queefing about how 30-year-old college football player Antwaun Cook pink-slipped his teacher wife and his two young children (ages 1 and 4) so that he could fuck on Fantasia full-time. Read more…

I bet his wife thought he loved her and that their marriage was a happy one. Too bad she doesn’t read

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