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A loyal reader sent me these pics of her precious infant daughter wearing her first lacefront wig.

She writes: “It’s never too early for my baby to start looking glamorous like Beyonce!”

Awww, she’s a cutie. Normally I would frown on this sort of thing. But I try to keep an open mind and remember that hoodrats raise their children differently and I can’t knock their unconventional child rearing methods just because I don’t understand them.


A loyal reader sent in this poem in honor of the lacefront baby.

Dear Lord,
I’m saying this prayer to you today,
Please help me get away.
The parents you gave [me] were rejected by you,
I came out the womb with no clue.
You created me grand,
Tiny and precious and not in command.
These pictures will live in infamy,
A pretty baby made to look ugly.
My mommy and daddy are too stupid to know,
That my hair will eventually grow.
Dear Lord, Please help me leave.
My idiot parents gave me a weave.

Composed by Tracy Mendoza

Mom said she had the wig custom made with human hair to match her own lacefront. “I wouldn’t be caught dead without my lacefront and my baby won’t either!” she wrote.

But is that adhesive glue safe or gentle enough for the child’s baby hairs?