Remember last week I told you about all the drama at Sean "Diddy" Combs' 40th birthday bash in NYC? Many industry insiders who thought they were A-listers were left outside cooling their heels on the sidewalk in the rain.

According to Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411 blog, "...there was no red carpet, oddly, on the outside. VIP guests had to find clever ways of entering the event. Luckily, there weren’t too many of them."

Meanwhile, Diddy held court inside the Grand ballroom of the fabulous Plaza Hotel regaling his invited guests with the magnificence that is Himself.

While many blogs went on and on about his baby mama Kim Porter and his sidepiece Cassie being at the party, no one mentioned that the true love of his life, Sarah Chapman, was also there (she came with Sean's mom Janice Combs).

By the way, Sarah was the reason Cassie left the party early, not Kim Porter who is the mother of 3 of his kids. So why shouldn't she be there?

But back to Sarah. I'm told that she's "dating" but no one's really seen Sarah out on a date.

Then again, this IS Atlanta and there aren't that many straight, unattached men to choose from. Still, such a beautiful specimen as Sarah with no man on her arm should tell you something.

Anyway, I wrote all that to say, Sarah was at the party, and in the VIP with the #1 woman in Puffy's life outside of his daughters -- his mom Janice. So what does that tell you?

  • ReadTheBlog

    I would not be caught dead near Janice Combs. :hurl:

  • Daisy

    Kim was also at the party :coffee:

  • ontaya brooks

    That picture says it all, now haters beware, Cassie you damn fool done cut off all your hair and for what.

  • commonswifey

    Lmao @ this post!!! So auntie is Diddy the guy Sarah is dating since shes the love of his life?what does she do besides being at all the parties?

  • Lady_L

    she's really pretty. I would have loved to be a fly on that wall!

  • mistarie

    It tells me that these chicks are stupid as hell. :rolleyes:

  • LadeeA

    Diddy's side piece and baby mama reunion, how classy Diddy. Anyways Janice Combs need to be ashamed of herself, looking like a faded member of the "Supremes."

  • ReadTheBlog

    If they all :hump: together, it's only right they :party: together.

  • alecmallory

    Cassie - is just a side dish... no real substance, just a pretty face, girl get a kid by diddy..hurry up and get pregnant like Sarah (one kid) and Kim (four kids) and Misa ( one kid) all those baby mamas (bastard kids) are getting paid..

    what is wrong with LSLH girls, they are only good for keeping they legs open and having babies, so they can buy themselves GUCCI - dumb hoes!

  • MsG

    All of this is foolishness. It's embarassing to even read about black women allowing a brotha to toss them about like they are socks simply because he has money. I am not impressed with any of this. Were is our dignity and self- respect?

  • eastpointvet

    looks like she is one of diddys BM and she took a pic by his mom

  • MrzzSmitty

    SMDH @ these fools who don't like to strap up. Lord have mercy.

  • ReadTheBlog

    I saw some random tea that said Diddy wants to bow out of the game and get married, but the chick he asked thinks it's a gimmick... Must be Sarah, cause really nobody even knew about her until that mystery baby appeared.

    Personally, I think he should just go back to ground Zero - where all the shit happened. Misa! :danban1: Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

  • JDWhitedst

    It doesn't tell me anything. He still has NOT married any of these ladies and still sleeps with ALL THREE. Has not even put a ring on ANY of these ladies fingers. As far as I am concerned....Sarah, Kim, and Cassie are all in the same boat..the same DUMB ASS boat, but atleast Cassie has been smart enough to be on birth control. We all know the real...Puffy is gayer than a 2 dollar bill and the REAL love of his life was Fonsworth Bentley.

  • misslee21

    Good call Sandra, she chillin wit mama and everything. :coffee: People think they slick!

  • pyt305

    LMAO @ comment #8

  • MsG

    Meant "Where".

  • msnicole

    She's the love of his life? LOL :lolol:

  • Quitta

    Does she have kids with him too?

  • Charles

    What that tells me is not a damn thing sandra, this story is boring, how about we not glorify a man who has multiple bastard children simply because he can.

    And 1) his mom is dead ass wrong for hanging out with the baby mommas 2) for wearing that blonde weave 3) for clubbing and drinking at 64 4) for not beating her sons ass out of fear hell cut her off

  • JDWhitedst

    Oh and another thing...I have seen Sarah in person...UP CLOSE...she looks very old in the face, like she has been smoking for years. When will these men learn. If you date a mixed chick, they will either age like their non black side...or age very well. Look at Jasmine Guy and Kobe Bryants wife. They look hideous.

  • Choco

    I concur with the comment #17 made....especially the last part...

  • Shauny

    Why is this Sarah chick hyped up to be anything that what she of Diddy's baby mamas. This chick had unprotected sex with a man she knew was sleeping with at least one other person, got herself knocked up and now gets a healthy child support check.

    All I see is a picture of her next to Janice Combs. Is that really a prize? I'm not a big Kim cheerleader but ALL reports of the party said that if Puffy wasn't mingling HE WAS WITH HER so I'm guessing that WAS the reason Cassie was looking chit faced and left the party early.

    Sarah was with Janice...Puff was reportedly with Kim. What does that tell YOU? Quit bigging this chick up. They're all baby mamas. Misa is the only one with some sense to move on and live her life. She's still a cutie too.

  • Quitta


    did anyone see the movie notorious? It came on yesterday. Did anyone like it?

  • intensemocha






  • shannon04

    I'm laughing with alecmallory and JDWhitedst...and co-signing w/ MsG.
    In a way it seems like cassie should go ahead and join the rest of the party and pop a kid too, seems like that's the trend now anyway(which is very sad if you ask me).

  • Daisy

    @Quitta I watched Notorius so I could see my baby D Luke it was an ok movie I think we could have had a better biggie movie

  • shannon04

    @ intesemocha...I's like telling the new woman..get in line with the rest of them.

  • MsG

    I agree Shauny. Misa was the only one with some sense. She moved on with her life and tried to forge a real career for herself. Sarah is nothing more than a pretty woman that has used her pretty and her body to align herself with wealthy men, but she forgot wealthy men like pretty YOUNG thangs after a while.
    Kim P. is just love-struck and stupid. She actually deserves Diddy more because she is willing to put up with his mess.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    :cosign: Intensemocha

  • JDWhitedst

    Does anyone know how I can add a profile pic?

  • shannon04

    @ Shauny...I agree, I was looking at Misa's website the other day and truth be told she appears to be the only one that has a life outside of diddy's world.

  • kcicero

    It tells me that these chicks are stupid as hell.


    @ intense I so agree!

    Blankstare at some of these comments....

  • Anna

    Charles Says:
    And 1) his mom is dead ass wrong for hanging out with the baby mommas 2) for wearing that blonde weave 3) for clubbing and drinking at 64 4) for not beating her sons ass out of fear hell cut her off
    I agree.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Kim tried to run an escort service, I mean a entertainment company...3 brown girls. Isn't it defunct, now?

  • ShoYaRight

    @ 14 - PREACH!!!!

  • Anna

    JDWhitedst Says:
    When will these men learn. If you date a mixed chick, they will either age like their non black side…or age very well. Look at Jasmine Guy and Kobe Bryants wife. They look hideous.
    Jasmine Guy is sick and she is 47 not 27 and going through a divorce.

  • Choco

    I watched the movie and I liked it...initially when I just saw the previews I thought the movie was going to be stupid but it kept my interest throughout-the guy playing Pac was way off to me...

  • MZN

    To me all of these women are silly. But the smartest one is Cassie because she doesn't have any kids by Diddy. She's young, cute and still has a chance. And yes, she is LSLH and lovin it! :cheer1:

  • MsG

    @ ReadTheBlog:
    I thought their little events at Justin's were nice. I went to 2 of them.

  • KaraZ

    It tells me that she's a dummy who doesn't believe she deserves better in life or the money she's getting is worth being yet another member of his harem. Sarah has been in his life for over a decade, but she still manages to play 2nd fiddle at best in his life.

  • JDWhitedst

    Jasmine Guy is sick with what? U can take her outta of the bunch to prove ur point, but...Lark Vorhees, Kobe Bryants wife, that girl sleeping with Shaq...all aging horribly. They ain't sick....there are alot more. BLACK DONT CRACK...bottomline!

  • Choco

    I am really sleepy today it was comment #14 that I concur with LMAO

  • Quitta

    @ daisy

    Yes D. Luke is a cutie. :yes: I may check it out on a rainy day.

  • Quitta

    @ Choco, yeah I was told the same thing, whoever played Pac didn't do it for them.

  • free

    @readtheblog (#8). lol!!

    i mean, this is getting lil wayne-ish.

    kim > :chickenhead:

    cassie > :chickenhead:

    sarah > :chickenhead:

  • Choco

    What did you think of the movie-overall I liked it...

  • Choco

    LOL at Free LMAO

  • kcicero

    While I agree that black don't crack there are plenty of instances where biracial people look just as beautiful when they get older...but really why all the shade at LSLH women they can't help who their parents are..I just don't get it, another way to keep us divided...

  • toosexy

    That just tells us that you like SARAH..... everyone knows KIM IS HIS MAIN.....HE DIDN'T EVEN CLAIM SARAH'S CHILD....COME ON SANDRA...

  • lovinme

    1. They are all Baby Mama’s except Cassie
    2. How do we know they fight over him maybe they just like the MONEY
    3. Janice aitn even payin that broad no mind in that pic, I can stand next to anyone in a pic and say I was “with’ them
    4. Diddy is played his public ass love life is played

  • lovinme

    EVentually Diddy will dumb theses broads for good and run off into the sunset with his "lover" anyway!!! lMAO

  • Quitta

    @ Choco

    Oh I didn't watch it yet. Shew, my mom was even in to it. Just like you said, I thought it was gonna be stupid. I went on about my business and made dinner.

  • Choco

    Check it out I was pleasantly surprised the story line kept me interested....I actually watched it twice yesterday cuz i caught it in the middle....


    It tells me that all three of these women play their positions very well and are content in their stupidity. Let them be happy ya'll. They obviously dont think they deserve better so let them have this :shrugs:
    :rofl: @ Sarah being the love of his life. Shiiiiiit :nono:


    Sorry for the extra smiley bad.

  • kkizzle

    So what does it tell me? It tells me that Diddy only truly loves himself!

  • kwall

    46 said it all.

  • precious1

    I'm so sure Sarah still is beddign Diddy. I mean Kim Porter didn't stop her from playing her position. I doubt if anyone else will. Funny...people want so much to make it seem as Sarah stands out from the rest. She's a piece of A$$ just like the rest. Oh...I really don't see what's so pretty about her! THey all are a joke!

  • kwall

    to answer somebody above's question...jasmine guy has lupus i think...

  • Quitta

    @ Choco

    Okay then. Imma tivo it and watch it later this week.

  • MissGauzzz

    DIDDY is the love of DIDDY's life!!! :rofl: you can't be serious sayin' sarah is!!! :rofl:

  • 2thick4u

    Boom goes the Dynamite :rofl: !!!!!

  • lovinme


    U right, I rememeber Sandra posting somehting bout that long time ago long long time ago.....

  • Krysi J

    Lawd, why did ALL OF EM' show up

    Sean Combs must be working with at MONSTER!

  • Quitta

    Puffy, P. Diddy, Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs, whateva da hell his egotistic ass wants to be for the day, needs to sit his azz down and try to settle. If it weren't for his dollar dollar bills, these chicks wouldn't even check for him.

  • Anna

    JDWhitedst Says:

    Jasmine Guy is sick with what? U can take her outta of the bunch to prove ur point, but…Lark Vorhees, Kobe Bryants wife, that girl sleeping with Shaq…all aging horribly. They ain’t sick….there are alot more. BLACK DONT CRACK…bottomline!
    I thought I heard Jasmine had Lupus
    Lark Vorhees has bad makeup. Kobe's wife's name is Vanessa and is she not allowed to age due to the stress of being married to Kobe? LOL. I don't remember what Shaq's chick looks like. Not sure why we are having this convo because ppl age due to genes, stress levels, sun, fake sun, exercise. Not all black ppl with brown skin age well per your comment"black don't crack". Usher looks like a old man.

  • Anna

    Quitta Says:

    Puffy, P. Diddy, Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs, whateva da hell his egotistic ass wants to be for the day, needs to sit his azz down and try to settle. If it weren’t for his dollar dollar bills, these chicks wouldn’t even check for him.
    Didn't we hear long ago that the peen was small, it is the pay checks. Isn't he also suppose to be gay? Someone said Cassie is the only one smart enough to use birth control, wasn't it rumored that he made her get an abortion last yr?

  • NichelleWalker/

    @intensemocha thank yo girl lets be real the mothers will smile i your face in the morning and there side chick will take her shopping in the evening real talk... I don't fug with em and I vowel not to be that momma and my son will know I ain't having you be just like your daddy...

  • LovelyLady

    :rofl: @ Krysi u stupppidd

  • therapist1911

    This is stupid. Ummmm how many people on this site are "baby mommas", know a sister that is a "baby momma", or is a product of a "baby momma".

    These 2 women (Sarah and Kim) are no different than your neighbor, sister, aunt, cousin, or friend. So many negative opinions throw out yall forget you live in a glass house or at least next too one.

  • Quitta

    @ Anna

    IMO he doesn't look like the type of guy that's holding. The gay rumors, i don't put it past him. And i never heard that, Cassie having an abortion. Wow, is all i gotta say. :surprised:

  • starr

    I don't know why sandra hypes up this woman. She's just another baby mother. And all it tells me is that all these chicks (won't call em women today) don't think much of themselves, don't value themsleves, and don't think they deserve much. All they see are $$$ signs. All these chicks are stupid as far as i'm concerned.

  • commonswifey

    I watched Notorious last night.I always get sad when hes about to die.It seemed as if he was getting his life together.I banged Biggie greatest hits this morning on the way to work

  • starr


  • starr

    wrong post lol

  • sharnell

    Sandra, did you change the look of your blog?

  • Shauny

    I watched Notorious in the movies and cried like a baby. I watched it once more at home with the same results. I can't watch it again. It hurts me like I knew him that he was just snuffed out like that. He seemed genuinely nice (except for the womanizing part) and liked by many. He died over a beef that he didn't even want to be a part of. R.I.P BIG!

  • toosexy

    therapist1911 Says .......I agree

  • artistman999

    Notorius was a good movie

  • attorneymom

    I have dream that one day Sarah and Kim will develop some self-esteem and stop accepting the roles of concubine/prostitute/call- girl/baby mama all for the sake of the almighty dollar.

  • lovinme


    LMAO Well I guess I am one (BM) but the difference to me is I dont need to be apart of his life and he dont need to be a part of mine.........
    We have two totally different lives and the only concern should be the child....

    But wait he doesnt concern himself with my daughter unfortunateley his loss. But thats neither here no there

    He cheated on me while i was pregnant after 3 years and that was it never looked back!

    While I may be his "Baby Mama" I am different then those women (Sarah and Kim) if they still boning him knowing he doin anything with two legs!

  • Bird

    So what does that tell you?

    It tells me that each and every one of Diddy's baby mama's was there (including Misa). This makes Sarah special to him why?

  • cjgrantjr

    It tells me NOTHING. He ain't married her, he ain't have a baby shower with her on TV, he hasn't escorted her down a red carpet.

    He has a baby with her that he's taking care of as he should and I'm sure she's probably one of his 'nicer' baby mommas, so she gets access.

    "HAVE A BABY BY ME BABY, BE A MILLIONAIRE" all over this post.

  • lovinme


    Pretty much Im not seeing what makes Sarah so special........ her child is the only one he didnt claim of the top... maybe he is awarding her for keeping her mouth shut ...

    Who knows...... long as he take care of his kids...he will only treat these women as they allow him to

  • pyt305

    Im sure Diddy is gassing up these ladies making them think 1 thing when really he is in it for himself....I agree with whoever said Diddy is the love of DIDDY’s life :rofl:

  • ggouch

    Misa, was down in Puffy's early days, before the series of name changes. Misa is also remarried with children within that relationship. Misa grow up and on.

    Kim P. This woman is loyal!!! I think has a genuine love for Diddy. She will remain loyal to the end. She never dogs him out in interviews.

    She silently plays her position and deal with whatever he gives her to deal with...This is the one I think will end up marrying Diddy if we keep our fingers crossed, it may even happen by the in their late 40’s.

    Cassie, Sarah, (even J-Low) simply cater to a look that diddy is simply infatuated with. They are human replicas of his fantasy girl. I think back in the day, growing up in NY he was probably dissed by all the cute Puerto Rican chicas and this his way of turning the tables.

    The poster who said: Sarah should not be lifted on some reigning pedestal said it best. In the end she was just a grown azz jumpoff who failed to use protection with a man whose reputation superseded him. Epic Failure and poor choice considering she could have had a man of her own.

  • ggouch

    Momma Diddy, need to start looking like the grand mother she is and stop trying to dress like one of Diddy's jump offs

  • ELove

    @ggouch... BUT she STILLS looks like a DAMN Old-AZZ Grand Mother :lol:

    Just a Very Over-Done & Over-Dressed ONE !!!!! :rofl:

  • ELove

    @Bird (@12:55pm) ... BINGO !!!!! :lol:

  • yanna402

    Kim is trife anyways. Look how she got with P Diddy.

  • laureninct

    I left my comment on Notorious under the post about the AMA's...whoops!