I received this letter from a loyal reader yesterday, but it got buried in all the emails I received on a daily basis.

As you know by now, there are some serious allegations being hurled at former Pretty Ricky member Pleasure P, real name, Marcus Cooper.

The daughter of the attorney who supposedly handled Cooper’s child molestation case, posted court documents from the case on twitter yesterday. Some bloggers, myself included, reposted the links.

My source, who asked to remain anonymous, disputes the allegations against the then 17-year-old singer as nonsense.

In his email,the insider states:

I am sure that if he was a molester, it’d be far more proof. Don’t they have to register & isnt the info made public? Wouldn’t he get locked the hell up? He was not kicked out. He LEFT.

According to my industry sources, Cooper did indeed leave the group on his own. It seems suspicious that all these damning allegations are coming out now.

Read the email after the break. *Please keep in mind that the email’s contents were not verified by me. Though the email contains information that only an insider would know, Sandrarose.com makes no claims as to the validity*

The email is not posted in its entirety. Portions of the email was removed to protect the sender’s identity per his request.

First off, I’d like to say that I check your site before I check my e-mail. I used to be friends with “uncle chuck” of muscle ent. I am also a close friend of a guy whose name I wont mention. He used to manage Pretty Ricky, not Ricki with an ‘i’ from their young beginnings as Pretty Ricky. Ricky and the Maverix right before they blew up. This was when their older brother was in the group, and Pleasure was not a member at the time, but was
associated with them. He was on their family’s label BlueStar Ent. as an artist, but not with the group as of yet. I still have their press kit from back in the day when my friend was their manager. Proof of him not being in the group can be heard on a track that they did with florida artist Pitbull called “Everybody Get Up”. I did some work for their uncle Chuckie.

Chuck and I were very close at one point, until we had a falling out over money. I have been ignoring him ever since. Pleasure has a young daughter, who would be around 4 or 5 right now. Everything people see isnt as it is, of course. Their father “Blue” who is a rolling stone, had all of the brothers(the group pretty ricky) living under the same roof, along with some of his other 14 kids by various women. He would pocket their earnings, some shows with an asking price of 35k some yrs back. He gave them a stipend of 2k a month per band member to spend, to “control their spending”, and gave them the option to drive select vehicles. It wasn’t that their father was broke. He’s had big money since the 80’s, owning day care centers, pool halls, eateries, and other establishments. He was also in on other practices that weren’t exactly legal. They weren’t allowed to have more than one guest at a time, to keep groupies from becoming a problem. The boys were extremely sheltered. “Blue” who is seen as a modern day Joe Jackson would not increase Pleasure’s stipend, despite him having a small child to financially care for. From what Chuck said, he was giving half to his child each month.

Pleasure was upset because of how he was treated all around the table. He felt that he was the backbone of the group, even when Diamond said he didn’t want to be a part of it, but was forced to be in it by their father. He ultimately dropped out of the group and began seeking his own deal. He also began doing illegal things to earn extra money that I was told about, but some things just don’t need to be said via the internet. His father
blew up on him and their barber who he was living with at the time, and from what my source said, became very physical. Pleasure was made to do appearances through out the duration of his contract. I know of this because I made an offer to him through his uncle to do some work for him, before I was shitted on. I was trying to get more of my work out there, and knew he was struggling with becoming established. He said he was having contract issues with his old label etc, so he’d have to wait to see. I heard nothing else about it.

I wanted to tell you what I know about the situation because to me, this all seemed like a bunch of nonsense to me. I am sure that if he was a molester, it’d be far more proof. Don’t they have to register & isnt the info made public? Wouldn’t he get locked the hell up? He was not kicked out. He LEFT.