This is a new section for 2010. It is a section dedicated to exposing industry gold diggers and (if we know their identities) the cheating dogs who support and love them. This is also a heads up to the long suffering wives of industry ballers, rappers and professional athletes to start calling out these gold diggers who prey on your men like hunters on the Serengeti.

If they have the cojones to call your house bragging that they just slept with your man, you need to put them on front street! Why should they get 40% of your household income for laying on their backs? Isn’t that your job?

If you know the identity of a gold digger whose rent and car notes are being paid for out of you and your husband’s joint bank account, just drop us a line at sandra @ (remove the the spaces). Try to include photos and documentation (if you have any). It’s high time for these chicks to find another source of income or go stand on the unemployment line.

Our first Gold Digger jump down of 2010 is Vanessa Veasley. Vanessa is your typical gold digger/ jump off who relies on your man to support the lifestyle she has grown accustomed to.

Vanessa is rumored to have slept with rapper Drake — and damn near everybody in the industry. She allegedly got pregnant by him (more on that after the break). It’s time for industry wives (and girlfriends) to take back their homes and lives!

The following are emails from two industry insiders who are familiar with Vanessa Veasley and the men she has (allegedly) stalked, laid up with, had babies by, etc.

Hey Ms. Lady! Please keep my email/name confidential. I saw the exchange between you and Vanessa Veasley today. It’s about time someone took her down a notch. I used to be a friend of one of her closest friends until a few months ago. My “friend” would tell me all her biz, but to meet Vanessa in person seems totally different. I see you brought up some names and situations. I was around for a few, the others I know from my ex-girl that
is very close with her.

1. She says she’s 25. That bitch is really 27!!!

2. She was engaged to an MLB player for 4 years. His name is Rudy (Can’t remember the team) she stuck by him thru thick and thin, ups and downs, all thru the minor league, then when he got called up to the majors he dumped her ass 2 years later for a white bitch. She still wears her ring from time to time, and refused to sell the condo on the beach he bought her (like he’ll come back or something) It’s actually pretty sad. I saw pictures of dude. He is not hot at all!!! lol

3. Ever since Vanessa was dumped by the baseball player, she’s become a man eater.

She’s a tease. She’ll dangle the p*ssy and make niggas think they’re gonna get it all while she runs thru their pockets. Then when she cant “shake them” for anything else, she disappears In Tubby’s case it was really messed up cuz he knows her girls & thought they were his friends (they weren’t cuz they know what kind of games she plays and still hooked her up with him) That’s just wrong!

4. I know Vanessa has dated a few guys out there, but plays keep away most of the time. Most of us have sex because we want to be closer to someone, she plays the keep away game. She was on & off with Drake (they were pregnant). She’s also done her “dangle” game with Lebron James, Bryan Michael Cox, Chris Johnson (Tennessee Titans) & I heard she’s workin on Marlon Wayans (you can see them flirt on twitter, her page isn’t locked) Oh yeah, she also f***ed Justin Timberlake (right, I don’t see what he saw either). It’s funny cuz she goes on blogs and on her show telling models not to “Sh*t where they eat” But From this paragraph looks like she’s the Queen of it! Even if she doesn’t f**k them all like Superhead, I think what she does is worse cuz she puts a really bad taste in single guy’s moths about the motives of young Black women! Don’t you agree?

5. Show Mag- Vanessa wasn’t really fired, the magazine is in financial shambles because Vanessa introduced the publisher, Sean, to another one of her scandalous ass homegirls that did the dangle game and fleeced Sean for more money then you can imagine in trips, shopping, and expensive photoshoots in Italy. The girl’s name is Laura Dore but they call her Sweetie. She lives in Texas. The most f***ed up part about this, is that Sean, the owner, is Vanessa’s cousin. Comeon son? You would do your own family like that?

6. The fight (I know what really happened!!!)- Vanessa and Brooke Bailey and a few of their gold digger friends were invited to Atlanta to celebrate Brooke”s B-Day by these street guys. They love VV and BB because they are in magazines and Brooke was on the Candy Girls Show. So even tho these guys have more money than God, they get off on being with models. So… they were in ATL partying and the guys had a film crew the whole time. The night that they left the club they all were wasted and some innocent chick just asked Brooke a question. Brooke got all up in her face, and the next part you see on But the fight continued, All the girls were fighting and to be fair, Vanessa and Brooke both held their own. But still! How hood is that to fight in a nightclub parking lot??? Ugh. The part that ended up on TMZ and the Internet was shot on a cell phone. All the footage from that weekend is out there somewhere. Hmmm…

The following email is from an industry insider who confirms some of the details in the above email…

Happy New Year!!!!
Alot of that Sandra believe it or not IS legit. Now I know about Laura Dora aka Sweetie having Sean Cummings head over heels for her that’s true… The houston ballers are drug dealers with boat loads of money that’s also true….. Brooke and them do trick ALOT to get in these niggas pockets they will fly just about anywhere if niggas pay for everything, that’s also true. I can’t confirm her age, [or] that baseball player, but it maybe true. As far as Justin Timberlake and all them I’ve never heard those rumors either. But I have heard stories of Brooke and Vanessa being at these rich mens house in LA sleeping and hanging out with these guys to pay their rent and car notes. Brooke Bailey from Candy girls will tell you in a heartbeat: if a guy is not paying her bills and keeping her decked out in the latest fashion, she is NOT fucking with them. And birds of a feather flock together… I swear that letter sounds like it came from this girl name Danielle (the owner of The Candy Girl Show) Danielle knows ALL these girls business she is like the madam of them. And she and Brooke have a love/hate relationship. Hope that helps.