By Sandra Rose  | 

Over the past several months. I've received numerous emails from con artists advertising booking rates for artists such as Nicki Minaj and Drake.

One such email said Nicki Minaj would be available for club dates in Atlanta last month at the going rate of $15,000 for two hours. 30 minutes later, the same person sent another email correcting the amount for Nicki's services to $10,000.

The savvy blogger that I am, I know full well that artist's management wouldn't email booking rates for their artists to me. What would I do with such information? Post it on my blog?

In a statement released to today, rapper Drake warned his fans to be wary of fake promoters advertising concerts and club appearances using his name. I'm not sure how he thinks the fans will know the difference between what's real or fake promotional appearances.

But Drake, who will be in Atlanta hosting a party at the Velvet Room on Sunday, said:

"It has been brought to my attention that false promoters and booking agents are illegally using my name and likeness to promote concerts and club appearances for their own financial gain. It is frustrating for me to hear that many of my fans, who like myself are innocent victims in these scams, have been misled due to the greed of these promoters. I apologise to any fan that (sic) has been a victim of these circumstances or feels let down by false advertising.

"Please be assured that my team and I take these matters seriously and are actively co-operating with authorities. I cannot thank my fans enough for supporting my music and all that I do."

You can rest assured that if an event is advertised on this blog, then it's legit. You should see how many event flyers (and money) I turn down every month because I'm not familiar with the promoter.

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    So really Sandra, this was the only picture you could find? The way his eyelids wrinkle up makes me kinda nautious

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    His eyes almost scared the doodoo out of me :surprised:

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    :rofl: @LeLe...why is "doodoo" funny to me?

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    :exclaim: Quick! Count the thumbs in this pic...

    ....I got prizes!!! :lolsign:

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    Drake looks like the forskin on a unsurcomsized d!ck in this pic :coffee:

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    CivilEngineer Says:

    :rofl: @LeLe…why is “doodoo” funny to me?

    lol....well i didnt want to curse

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    *uncircumsized :mad: at the spellcheck on my bb

  • Lexus

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    Sorry so long.

    Female participants were encouraged to be “ghetto chicks” with gold teeth, cheap clothes and “short, nappy hair.” The invitation said the party would serve watermelon, chicken, malt liquor, cheap beer and a purple sugar-water concoction called “dat Purple Drank.”

    Read The Invitation To The “Compton Cook Out,” As Posted On Facebook:

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    What a diva

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    Get em' in check Drake :) !!!

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    That pic is scary and not a good look :nono:

    Drake looks like he just barely missed the mark for Trisomy 21.

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    my only comment about this picture is......nice teeth Drake.

    otherwise i still think he's cute in better photos.

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    I still don't know who this Drake person is? Sigh.....when will T.I. drop a single, so these folks can disappear?


    He need to lash out at his forehead

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    Drake's forehead eye region is not right. Hmmm

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