EDITED: to correct info about jail…

The rapper known as Waka Flocka Flame is free. Waka, real name Joaquin Malphurs, was released from Houston County Jail, which is in Warner Robins Georgia, about 20 minutes south of Macon Georgia, this morning. Waka Flocka, so named after the sound a Glock handgun makes when the slide is cocked, was tweeting from his jail cell last night. In one tweet, he mentioned working on a mixtape with local mixtape king DJ Holiday (who I hear has gone Hollywood on us).

We all thought Waka would be sitting for a minute after his arrest on Tuesday in Houston for violating his Georgia probation.

According to Macon.com, Malphurs, 23, was released Thursday evening from the jail, just in time for a performance tonight in Gainesville, Fla. He is signed to So Icey Entertainment, a label founded by rapper Gucci Mane.

As you know, Waka and Gucci Mane are now beefing after Gucci unceremoniously fired Waka’s momanager, Debra Antney (who is a friend of Sandrarose.com, so I don’t care what they say about her).

Anyway, I reached out to Waka Flocka’s camp to see if we can get a “Morning Wood” post going on him. The ladies are really feeling him now that he’s been imprisoned and shot at a few times. That’s our women for you. Go figure.