One of my young Twitter followers asked me to do a post on Disney singing sensation Miley Cyrus. So here it is:

Miley’s sexually charged stage antics this past weekend still has soccer moms in an uproar. Soon, Miley will be the richest 18-year-old in the US, and she owns the very lucrative teen market that Britney Spears outgrew.

On June 20, she performed at the 21st Annual MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto wearing a bandana on her head reminiscent of Tupac Shakur’s favorite accessory.

She shocked the old folks in the media by wearing stilettos, a barely-there top and daisy dukes while gyrating her hips and crip walking across the stage. Her fans ate it all up. Miley has always been too grown for her age, so why are we acting like we’re shocked now?

Speaking of shocked, until this past weekend, I always thought it was that other teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber, who sang the catchy tune “Party in the USA”. How embarrassing that I am so far out of the loop. :/

By the way, Justin rides out on stage on a bike in this video. At the 2:17 mark, Miley leans in and Justin thinks she’s about to kiss him on the cheek. Peep his reaction when she doesn’t kiss him.