The rumors have been swirling for months about Halle Berry’s bisexuality. Halle has done very little to shut down the rumors. Now that her relationship with her baby daddy is a done deal, she’s gone public with her new love! I’m so happy for them!

Halle’s new lady is her “personal assistant” which is a euphemism for lesbun partner or significant other on her payroll.

The two ladies were spotted inside Kinkos sitting closerthanthis. Her butch assistant sat with one foot on Halle’s chair in a typical lesbun cock blocking/possessive posture.

Both ladies were dressed in the usual lesbun gear: grey jeans, black leather biker jackets, hoodies and boots. And they both looked hard so it was difficult to tell who was the top. Although I’m going to guess it’s Halle.

Both ladies ignored the paparazzi who swarmed all over them when they left Kinkos together.

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