Ever since singer chris brown went upside his -ex-girlfriend Rihanna’s head, he’s been struggling to regain his status as a pop star.

The only thing holding him back from regaining the kiddie pop crown from Justin Bieber? White women.

Shortly after brown pled guilty to domestic abuse charges, he began appearing in public dressed like Pee Wee Herman. For his guest appearance on the Larry King Show on CNN, he sported a powder blue sweater with a blue bow tie.

In addition to playing the victim, brown repeatedly looked sorrowful as he claimed amnesia robbed him of his memory of the vicious beat down.

Most recently chris appeared on BET’s 106 & Park in his most ridiculous outfit yet: a ladies plaid tunic over a pair of ladies denim capris.

Please don’t believe for one second that this wasn’t planned from the outset to make chris brown appear less threatening to white women. The idea behind his transformation is, see, ladies, I’m one of you!

Apparently, his scheme is working. Yesterday a California judge bent over backwards to praise brown on his most recent report card.

Judge Patricia Schnegg fawned all over brown in the courtroom and even told him he was doing “a good job,” according to The Associated Press.