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I thought you guys said Fantasia’s gigolo, Antwaun Cook, worked at T-Mobile where they met?

According to loyal reader Aisha R., Cook is a real estate agent who works for Keller Williams Realty.

According to Cook’s bio on his website, he’s been selling homes since 2003:

I am a proud father of two sons, Christian and Jackson. I graduated from East Carolina University in 2001, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business. I grew an interest in real estate originally from the investing side, and have continued in real estate from many different angles for the last 7 years.

So did Cook really meet Fantasia in a T-Mobile store, or is it more likely that they met while he was showing her real estate properties?

According to Aisha, when Fantasia’s rep claimed Cook took Fantasia to a home where he lived apart from his wife, he may have actually taken her to an uninhabited model home that was for sale and fully furnished.

Aisha writes:

Take a closer look at your man Mr. Cook. In the statement that was made by Fantaisa’s rep, he took her to his home. It wasn’t his home…it may have been a Keller-Williams home fully furnished. If that was the case, he needs to be put up on charges of trespassing and fraud.

Update I, 11:12 am ET:

According to Aisha and Raye P., Cook is the manager of a T-Mobile store. Here’s more info.

Update II, 12:12 pm ET:

Loyal reader Kim T. says she attended college with Antwaun Cook and he owns two homes. She also writes that he wasn’t into dark skinned chicks until he met one who was a baller.

Hi Sandra,

You should know that in college he was a pretty-boy Kappa who would not even LOOK at brown skin or dark-skinned women back in our college days. He dated my cousin who was light-skinned and would often tell her, “We’re looking for those red-bones.” He would often say that he only dates light-skinned women and would praise my cousin for her complexion. That is why it’s ironic that he’s dating Fantasia.
Have a good day