It’s been a long time since we’ve seen talk show Guru Oprah Winfrey, together with the man she claims is her beau, author and journeyman Stedman Graham.

In the past decade we’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of pics of Oprah and her rumored ladylove, Gayle King, together. But no pics of Stedman as Oprah managed to keep him under wraps and out of the public eye.

We almost forgot Stedman existed. But the Getty Images paparazzi caught up with him in the flesh earlier this month, vacationing with Oprah — and Gayle — in the Greek islands.

The trio toured the Greek islands on a private yacht and were spotted on the island of Kefallonia in the Ionian sea, according to the Greek Reporter blog. Oprah swam every day and the locals reportedly described her “nice and friendly.”

But the trip was not all fun and games. According to USA Today, Graham’s mother died on August 10, and Oprah (and Gayle) attended the funeral this past Saturday in Whitesboro, NJ.