My nephew, Sam, from across the pond writes this piece about Trey Songz’s failed reality TV show on BET. I have nothing to add personally to Sam’s assessment, because I just don’t care about this dude.

After a somewhat promising start back in June, the show’s ratings have dropped to dismal depths – with this week’s episode bringing in an embarrassing 0.461 million viewers (this despite it being aired nationally).

Worse still, the disastrous figures landed the show in last place among all Cable shows on the day of its airing (August 4th).

This will no doubt come as a blow to BET, Songz, and his team – who sources say had been lobbying for another season of ‘My Moment’.

With ‘My Moment’, however, it is unavoidably clear from the get-go that the objective is to present Songz as superstar. Yet with only one Gold album to boot (out of three) and a fanbase who appear to be more concerned with what’s in his trousers than his talent (an image Songz cultivated for himself), it’s not surprising to see such plans falling through. Matters aren’t helped by the fact Songz has as much personality as a loaf of bread, either.