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NeNe Leakes is gainfully employed in a new Lifetime reality TV series titled “Outrageous Love with Nene Leakes.” The new reality series premieres on Monday, July 1.

The series captures the trials, triumphs, and tribulations of real couples caught up in love. NeNe gives her reaction and personal insight alongside the action.

As you know, NeNe was fired by Bravo execs after multiple run-ins with cast members and producers on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

The new Lifetime series is NeNe’s first steady paycheck in a long time.

NeNe’s money problems have been well-documented over the years.

Earlier this month, NeNe’s ex-landlord attempted to garnish her bank account to collect on a $25,000 court judgment.

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NeNe, 56, owes the landlord $22,000 back rent on her now-shuttered Swagg Boutique in the upscale Sugarloaf neighborhood, northeast of Atlanta.

The landlord fired off a summons to Truist Bank, instructing the bank “to immediately hold all money, including wages, and other property, except what is known to be exempt, including property in safe deposit boxes or similar property that you hold, belonging to the Defendant named above beginning on the day of service of this summons and including the next five days.”

Photo may have been deleted

In the lawsuit, filed in August 2023, MPG-Sugarloaf claimed NeNe signed a lease in 2017.

The landlord said NeNe ran off without paying $22,000 in back rent.

NeNe claimed her late husband signed the store lease.

“Gregg signed the lease not me! He ain’t here,” she wrote.

Gregg Leakes died on September 1, 2021, following a long battle with cancer. He was 66.