Tennis superstar Serena Williams is pining for a love match with rapper Drake — this according to the NY Post’s gossip section, Page Six.

Sources tell Page Six that Serena has asked her agents to arrange an introduction to Drake, who at 23 is five years younger than she is.

“They’re hoping to fix up a meeting with Serena when he plays Radio City later this month,” said the source.

Question: why would a grown woman need her agents to “fix up a meeting” with Drake? It’s obvious that Serena Williams has serious issues with men. And it doesn’t help matters any that Serena only dates male celebrities, which narrows the field down tremendously.

Still, this news is a little hard to believe. Maybe Serena has already put the move on Drake and he spurned her advances? So in desperation, Serena, who broke up with rapper Common back in May, instructed her people to contact Page six to put the word out there publicly that she’s interested in Drake.

Clearly, Serena has ongoing relationship issues since she can’t seem to keep a man. Is she just another Halle Berry whose severe personality drawbacks keeps creeping into her relationships with men?

Serena should consider taking a year off from dating to speak with someone who is paid to listen. Therapy would help her to understand why she constantly sabotages herself in her pursuit of love.

Women today are just too aggressive for their own good.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: men don’t want a woman who is their equal. If that’s the case they can date other men. Wait… they already do.

Drake cover source: RR