Loyal reader Jazmine Jackson writes*:

Hey There Sandra,

I’m a loyal TIP fan and yeah he’s making some super stupid mistakes but has Axe even seen their new tv commercial??? The one talking about washing your balls?!?!?!? I’m a grown woman (26 years old) and while I did laugh at the commercial when I saw it my mouth was dropped in awe too. What kind of message does Axe think they’re putting out there? Hell, kids know what balls are and they know da** well they aren’t talking about the golf balls and basketballs they’re scrubbing in the commercial. Furthermore, it’s a body wash so how in the hell can you be talking about washing basketballs, volleyballs and golfballs?!?!?

Axe needs to axe themselves for that because although the commercial is funny and entertaining to my grown a**, it’s suggestive to children.

These companies kill me with their hypocrisy. Axe ALWAYS uses sexually suggestive ways to advertise… I guess selling and suggesting sex is cool but what TI has done isn’t acceptable according to AXE. The trouble that TI has gotten himself into is bad but if AXE wants to cut him then they need to cut their suggestive add campaigns too.

*Email was edited for clarity