With age comes wisdom and a woman’s unique ability to recognize her habit of making poor choices in men. At the tender age of 29, singer/actress Christina Milian has fully come of age.

The 29-year-old former dancer and model has a history of failed relationships with industry men, such as Andre Lyon (Cool & Dre), Nick Cannon and ex-husband, The Dream with, whom she has a daughter, Violet.

Milian sounded “happy and strong” when she recently spoke with Popeater blog about her new album, titled ‘Elope’.

“It was called ‘Elope,’ but I’m going to have to change it. That was my life in 2009. I have a new attitude now. I’m a whole new girl — a new woman,” she tells PopEater. “I’ll probably use a little bit of my material from before, because I still do love some of the songs. Some got leaked onto the Internet. But a good majority will be different.”

Milian also spoke about her upcoming ABC Family movie ‘Christmas Cupid,’ which is set to air on Dec. 12. In a role that closely mirrors her real life, Christina plays a selfish, success-obsessed celebrity publicist named Sloane who has a history of broken relationships.

“So many guys she’s with. Oh my gosh, all these guys,” Milian laughs. “I didn’t think about it ’til it hit me when I was about to start shooting. She kind of has a lot of boyfriends in this movie.”

But Milian, who was reportedly dating industry exec Shawn “Pecas” Costner, says the days of living fast and loose with her heart are over and she is currently single.

“I’m not interested. It’s understandable. I want to protect my daughter; everything in my daughter’s interests now. I need a break from dating. I need a really big break. When I got into a relationship, I always think long term. I always think forever. And I’m not really ready for that,” she admits. “I’m enjoying her so much that I don’t have time for anything else when I’m not working.”