Yesterday morning my cell phone blew up with a flurry of text messages saying Sean “Puffy” Combs had unexpectedly proposed to his girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, on the mic at the Velvet Room in Atlanta Sunday night.

I quickly dismissed the text messages because — knowing Puff — he doesn’t love anyone more than himself. And if he was going to propose to anyone, it would be him.

But that was before I saw the pictures from Sean’s Dirty Money party at the Velvet Room on Sunday night.

It was the first time in recent memory that I could recall seeing photos of Sean Combs actually touching or making eye contact with the stunning 24-year-old singer whom he’s known since she was a teenager.

Was it a coincidence that Sean Combs took to his Twitter page later that day to announce his intentions to marry his longtime girlfriend Cassie on Valentine’s day in 3 months?

I went into high gear calling my spies and returning text messages in search of more info about what went down on Sunday night.

Here’s what I know: there was a tense confrontation at the back door of the Velvet Room between club security and Sean’s security as Sean and Cassie arrived. The problem was Sean’s entourage of hanger ons and groupies was too large to enter through that exit.

So while the security scuffled, Puff took Cassie by the hand and led her to safety inside the club’s VIP. It was a touching moment to everyone who witnessed it.

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But Puff had to see about his people at the back door. So he left Cassie seething in the VIP. Soon afterwards, he rejoined her. And from that moment on, his eyes never left hers for more than a few seconds, according to my spies — and the pics.

Later that night, according to a credible source who was within ear shot of the loving couple, Sean vowed to make Cassie his wife! My very credible source tells me that Puff publicly professed his love for Cassie in his own inimitable way.

Puff had just got finished showering the crowd with hundred dollar bills! The room was still buzzing loudly when he got on the mic and said something to the effect of, “I love you baby and I’m ready for marriage!” Others swear the rap mogul said, “I love you baby and I’m ready to get married.”

What is clear is that the word ‘marriage’ or ‘married’ was spoken.

Either way, it sounded like a sincere proposal to the industry insiders who blew up my cell phone with text messages yesterday morning!

This was Cassie’s shocked response at the exact moment when Sean allegedly uttered his sudden proposal.

Dawn Richard, a member of Sean’s Dirty Money troupe, was equally as shocked as Cassie was. She was overheard telling the emotional Cassie to “enjoy the moment.”

I’m so happy for the kid because she has withstood years of negative press and rumors about her man chasing skirts other than her own. Then there are Puffy’s other baby mamas who haven’t quite embraced her. All of them are old enough to be her mother. But none of that matters, because Cassie is the one with the wedding date!

Later that day, after announcing his wedding on Twitter, Combs’ tweeted that it was all a joke. Or was it….

Photos by Prince Williams/