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Yesterday I posted an email from a loyal reader who described singer Christina Milian’s shameful behavior at a nightclub in Houston.

Well, it seems that my loyal reader had the story only half right. Christina is not dating Jay Prince Jr. (whoever that is) — she’s actually dating industry insider Jas Prince.

No one knows exactly what Jas does for a living. But as my anonymous reader pointed out, he travels on the road mostly with Drake and the Young Money crew.

A loyal, well-connected reader writes*:

Just a correction, Christina has been dating Jas Prince (@jprince713), not J. Prince Jr… they’ve kind of kept it low. But as you said “the streets are watching” but so are the tweets lol.

Jas discoved Drake & took him to [Lil] Wayne in 08 – he travels w/ most of Young Money and a host of other celebs….

If u update, don’t include my name lmaooo! thanks hun ;)

*Email edited for clarity


Jas is the son of J Prince *rap a lot founder* and Jas found Drake on Myspace then made the connect between Drake ans Lil Wayne. The person who sent you the tip was credible but they got the name mixed up.

Christina is being Christina and looking for a new route to keep her pockets fat!

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