As you know, I am not a big fan of Chris Brown’s music. His high-pitched vocals are annoying, and the subject matter is usually pointless. But in this latest leak from his upcoming album, I find it interesting that Brown continues to pine away for Rihanna.

Brown wails that nobody compares to Rihanna. “When I’m with her, all I want is you/Now I realize that she ain’t you,” he sings plaintively.

He even mimics Rihanna’s “Oh, na na na na” in the song’s chorus. How pathetic is that?

This is bordering on stalkerish behavior. No wonder Rihanna employs two bodyguards, while Beyonce gets by with only one.

Anyway, Fresh posted pics of Brown with his latest victim girlfriend, Tran Karraueche, at a basketball game over the weekend. This is the same chick who responded “Wow” on her Twitter page after Brown leaked his graphic peen pics to WorldStar Hip Hop to boost his album sales.

This song — coupled with Brown’s bizarre attention-seeking behavior — is further proof that Brown hasn’t grown as a man since the unfortunate incident that nearly destroyed his career in 2009. Clearly, Karrueche has no common sense or she would leave that fool in a hurry.