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Jermaine Jackson is often photographed on vacation with his current wife Halima Rashid in Dubai or some other far flung exotic destination. He lives in a posh mansion in San Fernando Valley with his wife -- and they own several luxury vehicles -- yet he can't afford to pay his child support bills because he claims he's broke.

According to the Daily Mail, Jackson, 56, was back in a California courtroom yesterday to explain why he's behind on $100,000 in child support for his two sons with ex-wife Alejandra Jackson.

The judge lowered his past due payments slightly and ordered Jackson to pay $80,000 in past due child support for his sons Jaafar and Jermajesty Jackson.

Alejandra Jackson (pictured above) is just as sorry as her baby daddy. She refuses to leave the Jackson compound in Encino, California where the Jackson 5 grew up after leaving Gary, Indiana in the 70s.

Jackson, who converted to Islam in 1989, complains that he shouldn't have to pay child support because Alejandra has lived at his family's Hayvenhurst estate for 20 years without paying a single bill.

But Katherine Jackson, 81, who has custody of the late Michael Jackson's 3 kids, wants Alejandra gone. Katherine took Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket, and moved out while the mansion was under renovations. But Alejandra stayed put with her four sons -- two with Jermaine and two with his younger brother Randy -- despite the fact that the Estate’s attorney Howard Weitzman changed the locks and removed the food from the home.

Jermaine's California driver's license was recently revoked, but it will be reinstated if he makes a minimum payment of $5,000 on April 4. But Jackson claims he is destitute and can't afford to pay a penny even though he earned hundreds of thousands of dollars appearing in two reality TV shows.

Meanwhile, Michael Jackson's beautiful children are growing up quickly in front of our eyes! The paparazzi spotted Paris, 12, and 9-year-old Prince Michael II, aka Blanket, on a shopping excursion to a toy store with their auntie LaToya Jackson in Beverly Hills yesterday. Cute!

  • MZN

    What kind of name is Jermajesty? smh...

  • LadeeA

    Sandra he probably pays $5000 for them to paint that horrible hairstyle on his head, he ain't comin'up off that money. :nono:

  • Jerrica

    I thought he was stuck in Africa because his Passport expired and since he owes child support he couldn't get a new one? :shrugs:

  • I Run New York

    That's just sad. How do you make $ 400,000 in one year yet give nothing to contribute to the well being of your children. Either he's blown it all or could careless if his kids eat or not. Either way smh

  • TheRealAshland

    I used to be a huge fan of Jermaine when I was younger, until I read the book by his 2nd wife. He is sleezy low down and a male whore. Alejendro ain't no better though. She is a free loader, all she knows how to do is spread her legs. I think they both need to pay momma K back child support seeing she is the one who raised those kids. Why is it, the Jackson clan excluding Michael and Janet are all broke, despite the fact they made a ton of money growing up?

    Jermaine is so disgusting, he walks around as if someone owes him something...

    Sandra, you didn't mention that the Jackson kids are adopted, you never leave that little tid bit out... LOL did you finally come to grips that these are in fact his kids?

  • whatdoesitmatter

    yeah, pay the support, deadbeat!!!

  • Daisy

    Is she going to move out his mama's house??

  • datsmdubya2u

    it doesn't matter that they lived at havenhurst rent free because the house does not belong to jermaine. his mother may have allowed them to live there for free as a favor to him however that does not absolve him of his obligation to pay child support. If he wanted to offset his child support with shelter he should have went to an attorney and got that in a written agreement however i don't think CA child support courts will recognize it. In most child support cases you have to pay cash money

  • vetta

    Aww...Paris is cute. Blanket is actually trying to smile for once in a pic.

  • Bird

    I kinda agree with him. This broad been living in a mansion, hell a compound, scott free and probably ain't even chipping in on the groceries either. She couldn't have afforded that off of any child support he'd be ordered to give. Michael might be the one paying, but she definately getting support.

  • GoldenGurl

    Is that a wax figure of Jermaine with his sons??

    And the in the haaail to do you have kids by two brothers?? Where are your morals and self respect? Its bad enough youre a skank, but you want to stay around and live at the house at that! Dayuum! LOL

  • lexdiamonz

    Jermaine old california raisin azz how you and your brother have kids by the same women ??? how the hell your kids brothers AND cousins i am sorry but the Jackson's be on some OTHER shyt for real and i am sorry that girl (Paris) look like she got supernatural powers or something Michael might have got some alien DNA with his weird azz (God bless the dead) but that family is FUBAR and that is shameful and yall know they letting her live FREE to stop her from dropping dime on their shady azzes IMAGINE how much dirt a live in piece got on them

  • coaretained

    DEAD @ california raisin ( now that commercial will be in my head all day)

    :clap: to Auntie for ackonwledging Mikes kids as his. Today is obviously a good day.

  • anti-PC

    Why aren't Jermaine and Randy taking care of their responsibilities as father's to this disgusting woman's kids??

    Why has she been living in the ENCINO compound for close to two decades??

    I'm looking more at the father's than I am this mother. It looks like Jermaine and Randy dropped the seed but are not tending to them, leaving it to their elderly mother to deal with.

  • Terri B

    It is true that his mommy pretty much has been taking care if his ex-wife and their kids by allowing her to live there. But that's what she is doing, what are YOUUUUU doing Jermaine. Just because your mother is putting up money for your kids, that doesn't mean you can get off.

  • laterthannever

    Paris DOES look like she could be from X-Men. I can't wait to see how she turns out.

    Jermessy is a trip! There has to be a reason Katherine is utilizing passive attempts at getting the ex out of the house- like someone mentioned- she must have good blackmail material.

    Jermaine is probably just still in shock that their relationship didn't work out. I mean, he married his brother's ex wife and had more kids with her- what could have possibly gone wrong??

  • pointhimout

    white ass kids. guess i need to accept that mj adopted white kids and not one black one. they will milk this schit for the rest of their lives. they get more camera time than blood jackson kids. then again, zahara gets my attn and not shiloh. what can I say?