Ted Williams, dubbed “the man with the golden voice” is headed back to rehab, according to 10TV.com.

The local Columbus, Ohio news station caught up with the 57-year-old Williams at the airport just before he boarded a flight heading back to the Origins Recovery Center in South Padre Island, Texas.

The rehab facility is the same one that TV therapist Dr. Phil McGraw sent him to in January with an offer to pay for his treatment. But Williams checked himself out after just two weeks.

Williams vows to complete the 30-day treatment program this time. “If I have to pay for it myself, that’s what I’ll do,” Williams said.

Williams, who was in Columbus shooting a reality TV series based on his rags-to-riches story, said “I’m going back to get some real recovery and some rest. Dr. Phil’s concerns and cares will not go in vain. I hope I can successfully complete this whole journey and come back and say, ‘Hey Dr. Phil. I did it.'”

In January a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch spotted the former radio disc jockey standing on the side of a highway off-ramp holding a sign that said he was homeless but he had a “gift of voice” and had “fallen on hard times.”

The reporter recorded a cell phone video of Williams talking, and posted it on the Columbus Dispatch website later that day.

Within hours the video went viral and calls began pouring in with job offers for Williams. The Cleveland Cavaliers offered Williams a job at the Quicken Loans Arena and a house. It isn’t clear if Williams accepted the Cavaliers’ offers.