Socialite Amber Rose is still attracting the paparazzi for some reason. Kanye West’s former beard was spotted shopping with friends in Los Angeles yesterday. She was wearing a canary yellow jumpsuit with Timberland boots and gaudy gold jewelry. Amber, 27, who claims to own a shades line, opened a shop somewhere in the LA area. She had hoped to use her shop as the backdrop for a new reality TV series based on her life, her loves, her family and whatever else she could think of to get attention. “My show’s gonna be an open book into my life, my family and my businesses…it’s called Behind Her Shades, it’s everything that’s behind them and part of that is my shades shop,” she said in an interview. But that was news to VH1 who knew nothing about such a series.

Not to be deterred, Amber teamed up with Kanye’s former artist Consequence, and together they filmed a trailer for his upcoming mixtape, Movies On Demand 3. Consequence, who’s acting more like a scorned female these days, is busy running his trap about Kanye to anyone who will listen. Supposedly he has dirt on Kanye that he plans to share with the world on his new mixtape. We all know he gleaned his Kanye gossip from Amber and they hope to make big bucks off what they know. The problem for both of them is, nobody cares!

Actor Vin Diesel flirted with a mystery blonde at a party in Rome last week. There is no word on what his current girlfriend, model Paloma Jimenez, thinks about these pictures. The 43-year-old actor’s latest film, ‘Fast Five’, is in theaters now.

Photos: DM