Tahj Mowry

One of VH1’s bloggers was indignant over blog posts that allege Tia and Tamera’s brother, Tahj Mowry was crushing on an openly gay Instagram user named Andrew.

The blogger, Christopher Rosa, criticized sandrarose.com and fameolous.com for pointing out the obvious — that Tahj Mowry is gay or at least bi-curious.

“This is sensational celebrity journalism at its best worst,” Rosa writes, as if he’s never heard of TMZ or Mediatakeout.

Rosa goes on to add that “these photos might be risqué, but they do not confirm Tahj’s sexuality.”

Christopher ignores the fact that the photos show an openly gay man in various stages of undress. The photos are so risqué that his page was already deleted once by Instagram.com.

Any man who ‘likes’ a photo of another man lying in bed wearing nothing but his tighty whities is gay — or at least bi-curious.”

Rosa continues:

“There are a million reasons why Tahj could’ve expressed interest in these pics. Sexual desire is one, yes, but it’s not the only one. And it’s definitely not something you assume and boast on the Internet as fact. It’s tacky and, more important, can get you sued.”

Then VH1’s blogger states the real reason why his thong is in a bunch: “I’m gay. I’ve liked several of my female friends’ bikini beach pics on Instagram. Does that make me straight?” he writes.

No. But it does make you a hypocrite who uses your VH1 platform to defend your celebrity friends. At least show a little integrity, Christopher.

Thanks to loyal reader @SDiva_Sylene for the tip.