Taiwo Sobamowo, the woman who allegedly impersonated a nurse so she could get close to Bobbi Kristina Brown, also impersonated a nurse in the nation’s capital.

The NY Post’s Page Six reports that Sobamowo, 32, used the license number of another registered nurse to apply for a position at a hospice in Washington, D.C. in 2013.

The hospice in D.C. ran a background check and discovered past convictions for Sobamowo in Minnesota and a warrant out for her arrest.

A judge in the 2013 case issued an arrest warrant for Sobamowo for impersonating a nurse. She was never picked up on that charge.

The D.C. Board of Nursing issued an alert warning facilities about Sobamowo impersonating nurses. That alert was added to a national database for nurses.

2 years later, Sobamowo turned up in Duluth, GA, outside of Atlanta, where she was hired by an agency that provides temporary nurses to hospice facilities in the Atlanta area. Sobamowo used the license of a registered nurse with a similar name to apply for the position.

The hospice agency sent Sobamowo to Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, GA., where Brown was a patient until her death on July 26.

Sobamowo was fired on Aug. 5, after she failed to provide a current nursing license to the temporary agency.

Police arrested Sobamowo in Raleigh, North Carolina on Sunday, Nov. 1, and charged her with ID theft, forgery and impersonating a nurse.

Sobamowo was extradited back to the Atlanta area on Monday. She is currently being held without bond in a Forsyth County jail.

She faces additional charges of felony financial identity theft and felony forgery.