Jonathan Casillas

According to Instagram blog Industry On Blast, NFL player Jonathan Casillas was busted trying to score a late night hook up with a transgender on

The 28-year-old New York Giants linebacker is among a slew of professional football players who shamelessly solicit trans individuals for sex on Instagram.

Casillas, whose IG username is @Jade_52, hopped on the tail end of a conversation between Drake‘s ex-girlfriend, stripper Dollicia Bryan, openly gay artist manager Ivanie Murphy and tranny @valery_vision.

Murphy messaged @valery_vision, telling him he would be in NY this weekend. Casillas interjected, “Hmmm I’m in the city too.”

To which @valery_vision replied, “Hmmmm interesting … lol @Jade_52.”

“Wanna link up?” Casillas asked the female impersonator.

Jonathan Casillas

The sad part is @valery_vision is totally clockable. Notice his prominent brow ridge?

After posting Casillas’ messages to the tranny, Industry On Blast wrote, “jade_52 got our post removed about him trying to get it in latenight with transgender @valery_vision. So we will repost it!!!”

That is bold! Instagram is very protective of LGBT users. It’s a good thing Industry On Blast has a backup instagram page.