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Michael Jackson is rolling over in his grave. His 3 children who all led sheltered lives until his untimely death in 2009 are walking red carpets and being exploited all in the name of charity. Michael's mother, Katherine, his sister, La Toya Jackson, and his children, Paris Jackson, Prince Jackson and Blanket Jackson, attended the Jackson Family Art Donation Event at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles yesterday (August 8, 2011).

Paris Jackson, 13, has the most gorgeous blue eyes. I see modeling in her future. By the way, her Twitter page is @pariisjaxn, and she is a trip.

Prince Michael II, aka Blanket Jackson, 8, is so adorable. Can that shirt be any more starched than it is now?


  • Yardgirl

    Awwwwww the kids looks happy. It is nice to see them out and about.

  • Crickett

    Good morning, Michael Jackson kept his children out of the spotlight for his own reasons- he is gone so I agree to let the kids out the attic. Paris is a cutie, her makeup is nice for a teenager.

  • jazi65

    I think its good for the children to get out & try to leave somewhat normal childhoods.

    Paris is so pretty

  • jazi65

    *to live

  • bnatural

    I used to think Blanket favored the Jackson clan but errrr ummmm....not anymore. Oh well, Paris is a pretty young lady. Glad they are moving on in life.

  • Banana

    Blanket looks like a little Mexican....... but yes it is great that they can live normal lives like kids should.

  • Daisy

    *hands Paris a brush* She is a pretty girl let us see more of that face

    @bana :rofl:

  • StillASassyOne

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...wonderful! Now I done went and got to work early to watch BBW for ya'll so can we talk about it now?!

    Thanks! :-D


    Good Morning SR FAM!
    I absolutely understand why Michael wanted them to live a life out of the spotlight. The public is a monster! They are going to pull on those kids forever! They will not have a normal life. By the way it is possible to have kids and they live outside the glitz and glam.. How often have you seen Sade's daughter wrapped in the media. This is a disaster in the making. I will pray for them!


    Paris look like she seen a ghost.

  • TruGemini

    Please somebody brush that child's hair :mad:

    Well, not really :mad: but just like WHY???

  • TheRealAshland

    I think the youngest two are his.... Little applehead aka Prince.... not so much, however.. I think Ms. Latoya is using get her shine on...because no one is checking for her...

    But yes, Paris will be a model...Look at how dark she is getting..... OMG and Blanket is adorable... I just wish they would do something better than those hillbilly hair cuts on Prince...

  • TheRealAshland

    @Perfecto she has always had that deer in the head lights thing going on.

  • Anna

    TruGemini says:

    Please somebody brush that child’s hair
    The wind was probably blowing. What's up w/Latoya's fried hair?

  • TheRealAshland

    Paris Michael-Katherine Jackson.. I swear I hate debating the kids ethnicity but some photos they look as if they could be,....and others they don't. These photos they it just me?

  • Feline Feminine

    Paris looks beautiful with her sun-kissed tan...gorgeous girl :thumbsup:


    Yeah, BBW was interesting last night, I think Jen looked stupid the ENTIRE episode...and that divorce party was laughable with all the "questionable" male counterparts... :shrugs:

  • Kezi

    The kids look healthy and well but MJ had a good reason to keep them out of the public eye, the press is vultures. Hope they'll be okay. I soo miss Mike...

  • flsun99

    Prince has MJ's pre-white nose. I think the older two look like Mike.


    Paris's eye's are beyond beautiful

  • SweetP1984

    Kids are beautiful, but blanket looks like he's wearing a wig. LOL

  • Shauny

    The older son looks like Debbie Rowe. Paris is beautiful but those light eyes(and look green to me but hey I wear glasses so) are scary. Blanket looks like Antonio Banderas son

  • datsmdubya2u

    her eyes look grayish green. they are light but i don't find them pretty myself. they look a lil glow in the darkish to me. but overall she's a pretty girl. all the children are attractive.

  • Jessie

    Paris reminds me of Peggy Lipton (Quincy Jones' ex-wife) who used to star in the 70's hit, Mod Squad.