During a recent interview with FOX News Host Great Van Susteran, billionaire hotel magnate Donald Trump discussed President Barack Obama’s work ethic — or lack thereof.

Van Susteran referred to a tweet that The Donald sent on his Twitter page about Obama’s nonstop vacations on the tax payers dime.

Trump responded:

Well, the fact is, he takes more vacations than any human being I’ve ever seen. They used to complain about George Bush, but I understand he’s already exceeded George Bush and we’re not even through the year. So he likes vacation.

The Donald continued:

…it sends a bad message. Here we have a country that really is going to hell in a handbasket. Let’s not kid ourselves. What’s happening to this country is horrible. All over the world, they’re talking about it. And we have a president that’s constantly — whether it’s Martha’s Vineyard or someplace else, constantly on vacation. I mean, all the time he’s on vacation! So I think it sends a very, very bad message. We have to work in this country to bring it back.

Next week Obama and his family will make their annual trek to Martha’s Vineyard for a 10-day vacation — against the advice of Democratic leaders. The Obama family excursion to the playground of the affluent, non-working, old money rich adds to the nearly 60 days of vacations that Michelle Obama herself has already taken this year! That’s two months of vacations when most hard working stiffs are lucky to get 2 weeks of vacation per year.

The Obamas’ refusal to cancel their Martha’s Vineyard vacation despite the economic turmoil and declining jobless rate sends a clear message to voters in next year’s elections.