Tavern singer Beyonce touched off a firestorm of controversy when she appeared on the ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ show without her infamous baby bump as she performed her single “Countdown” off her ‘4’ album. Beyonce’s washboard tummy sent Twitter users into a frenzy on Friday night.

Even more damning for Beyonce’s camp was the fact that Fallon introducing Bey as if she were right there in the studio!

Holding a copy of Beyonce’s album, Fallon looked into the camera and said: “Tonight she’s here to perform the song Countdown from her latest album, Four. Please welcome Beyoncé.”

The uproar on Twitter.com caused Bey’s PR reps to release a statement claiming Beyonce filmed the appearance way back in August. But why would Beyonce do that?

It is unclear why Beyonce and her camp would lie about the performance, or why they would want her feeble-minded fans to believe that she performed months ago.

This latest fiasco is just another example of Beyonce’s continuing mind control and manipulation of her fans, who believe whatever she tells them.

Last week I received an email from a mainstream reporter who was referred to me by a mainstream magazine. The reporter hoped that I would shed some light on Beyonce’s puzzling behavior because the mainstream press is flabbergasted by Beyonce’s recent antics.

We here at Sandrarose.com are just as much in the dark as the media is. All I can say to the media is read up on Narcissism to get a better handle on why Beyonce is manipulating you for attention.